Ready for Romance

Ready for Romance
Ready for Romance




I was bubbling with excitement when I was asked to style the cast of the new reality show, The Romance! Basically, I just had to put together outfits for the ladies to wear on their dates with their possible future love interest. Should be easy, right? Well, any girl who has had to find the perfect outfit for an exciting first date knows that usually entails trying on lots of possible options, looking in the mirror to check out all angles, and an inevitable pile of dresses, shoes, and accessories strewn about in the process. But, as any Glam & Sassy girl does, I was up for the challenge and nailed it! The ladies loved their Glam & Sassy dresses, jewelry and handbags and they all looked absolutely gorgeous! When we look good, we feel even better, and it is all about walking into a room with lots of sparkle…which is not only stacked on our wrists and necklines, but on the inside as well! These cast members definitely had both! Check out the pics of some of the cast at our shoot on Saturday and remember to always wear YOUR best sparkle!


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