Black is the new Black

“X is the new black”. We’ve all heard it. Whether “x” is black’s lighter version, grey, or some bold new color trend, I may embrace it for a season, but I will always resort back to black as the staple color of my wardrobe. There is no other color that is so chic, professional, and formal all in one. And let’s not forget flattering, which is probably the main reason we can all justify 12+ varieties of the LBD (Little Black Dress) hanging in our closet.

Black is also the easiest to accessorize because it is so versatile. Silver adds sparkle. Gold, glimmer. Or, if you like to stay on trend with the color palettes of each season, you can simply add a handbag or shoes as your pop of color. When I am styling a client wearing black, I see it as my blank canvas!

Check out this new outfit from Glam & Sassy. Head to toe black. Two lovely ladies. One sexy look and a color that is simply irreplaceable.


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