Accessorizing 101

Make a Statement!
Make a Statement!
One Size Does Not Fit All
One Size Does Not Fit All
When it comes to accessorizing, many women stay within their comfort zone of wearing the same piece with every outfit (we all have that gold chain with the dainty charm that makes us feel dressed up), or skip it all together. There is nothing wrong with either of these, expect that breaking away from your old stand-by certainly will add more fun and excitement your look. Before deciding that you and your 18 inch heart charm necklace are just fine, review these 5 tips and you just might realize you have more to express than you thought!

1) Ears or Neck: The key to accessorizing is to start with your statement pieces and then build from there. If you like long, dangling earrings, keep your neckline simple. Prefer to rock this season’s chunky necklace trend? Pair with matching, but small, earrings.
2) Arm Candy: Bracelets are so much fun and a must have accessory! Stacking bracelets is a great way to add sparkle to any look. Choose 3 or more of your favorite ones and don’t be afraid to mix and match.
3) Put a Ring on It: Fashion jewelry is all about expressing yourself! Expandable statement rings fit any finger and add that extra touch of attitude and boldness. In order to look balanced, wear the ring on the opposite hand as your stacked bracelets.
4) Handbag Obsession: No look is complete without a cute handbag! There are so many sizes and styles to choose from, but the key is to choose a bag that is comfortable and fits what you need wherever you are going. Headed out for the day with kids or the girls? A crossbody bag will give your hands the freedom they need to be active. Date night? A small clutch will pull your look together and be just big enough to fit your essentials (ID, lipstick, phone, done!).
5) Never Leave Home Without It: Your smile! It’s always your best accessory, ladies!


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