Fashion Emergencies

We have all had them.  The rare but unfortunate fashion obstacles we have to face in life. Fashion mishaps,  however, should not be a source of stress.  Looking good is FUN!!! and the occasional challenge that is as inevitable as meeting your dream guy only to find out he’s taken, is easily remedied.  Keep reading for my quick fixes to the fashion crises I have encountered in my very fashionable adult life!

The Long of the Short of It:  This one is for my fellow shorties…5’4″ and under…Holla!!!  You have a fun night planned with the girls. Maybe dinner, definitely a few drinks, and lots of laughs! And bonus, you already have your outfit picked out because you just got new Paige white skinny jeans! As you are getting dressed, you realize that you forgot to get them hemmed. Wearing another outfit is out of the question as this one was perfectly planned, not to mention, you are meeting your friends in 10 minutes and it is a 12 minute drive to the restaurant! The best thing about skinny jeans, besides the fact that you can dress them up or down, is that you can make them shorter in a pinch.  Just make a neat and even all-the-way-around cuff and fold it under instead of up.  Make sure it is smooth and not bunched up anywhere. Then celebrate with your first champagne of the night because you not only saved $10 bucks to hem, but you don’t have to commit to wearing with a certain heel height as you would have had they been actually sewn.

Paige USA, Jimmy Jimmy Skinny - Blanca Destructed, blanca destructed, Women : Jeans : Skinny, 1193274-1766 W1766

Cuff ’em and go

On the Run: You are already on the train to work and even though you were lucky enough to score a seat, you cross your legs and see that your hose have a run in them. There is only one solution. Take those awful things off ! You shouldn’t be wearing them anyway! Next time, prep your legs to look as flawless as your face, with a tinted lotion and skip the dreaded panty hose all together please.

CAUDALÍE 'Divine Leg' Tinted Body Lotion

Get Divine Legs and flaunt your flawlessness

Hot Streak:  No matter how many times I wear black, and it’s a lot, it seems that I always put on my deodorant first, pull black top on over my head second.  Sometimes it is because deciding what I am wearing is the final step to getting ready, other times it is because I (foolishly) think, if I am careful enough, it won’t happen this time.  HA! C’mon you all know what I am talking about! Those white marks down the sides of your dark colored tshirt. Thankfully, you can still save your outfit by balling up those unwanted panty hose, and rub them briskly over the white streaks. Do this while you are STILL wearing the top, otherwise, you will have to go through it all over again when you put it back on.  And I know you are smarter than that.

rag & bone/JEAN 'The Classic V' Cotton Tee

Rag & Bone Classic black tshirt for every body

Seeing Double: You are walking into a room of acquaintances and future friends and there you already are! Except it is not really you, but it is most definitely your dress! On someone else!  Now, I am sure you would win Glamour’s “Who Wore it Better” standoff, but it is still a horrifying feeling. If the crowd is not large enough to avoid getting within close proximity to her the whole night, then the alternative, short of getting out of there, is to embrace it. March right up to your twin and compliment on her great sense of style. Smile big and laugh and make sure eeeeeeverybody sees you. I even suggest taking a selfie as another display of self confidence.  That’s right you own it girl!  Then, shop for your next cute summer occasion dress  at an online boutique that specializes in limited quantities and feel confident that there is no one as Glam & Sassy as you.


It’s always better to be one of a kind

 Click it to Get it Guide:

Paige Jimmy Jimmy Skinny White Jeans

Caudalie Divine Leg Tinted Lotion

Rag & Bone Classic Black Tshirt

Black and White Flouncy Dress


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