YSL black clutch

The Lust List

I was just in Vegas.  I ABSOLUTELY love Vegas and  I do not even gamble!  Sin City offers so much excitement to any Glam & Sassy girl like me (and you since you are reading this)…the beautiful hotels, the spas, the nightclubs and of course, the shopping!  As I was walking thru The Shops at Crystals, love the name btw, I was tempted by all of my lovers…Louis, Jimmy, Christian just to name a few.  I almost made it safely to my destination, The Mandarin Oriental, before my eyes wandered into the Saint Laurent boutique and my feet soon followed.  I was greeted by a very friendly sales associate who saw me smiling at the array of  sexy heels and picking each one up so delicately like a precious  gem. The next thing I know, my boyfriend, who is my shopping soul mate, finds this fabulous clutch and encourages me to touch it, feel it, hold it. It was lust at first sight.  I decide the clutch is a must have and I quickly forget about my forever LV obsession where my hard earned money has been spent over the years.  I also strut out with a pair of heels in nude so that they go with everything ( truth be told, I already own them in black patent and pink, of course) and the credit card is swiped before I could talk myself out of the purchases.  But with two haute/hot styles like these, why the heck would I EVER do that?  Just live the Glam & Sassy life, ladies!

YSL black clutch
YSL “The L stands for Lust” monogram chain wallet
YSL nude heels
Saint Laurent Classic Tribute Sandal

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