Girls Night Out

Stand Out

We can basically categorize people into two groups. Those that stand out and those that blend in. Since you are taking the time to read this ever so entertaining blog, I am going to assume you are the former and not the latter.  Perfect. So am I. That does not mean I have to be the center of attention EVERYWHERE I go (there is a time and a place and as long as I know I am the queen in all situations, then that is really all that matters). It does mean, however, that whether in a crowded club, a hot new restaurant, a sky full of stars, or just to my man when I walk in the room, I want to be noticed.  Shocked? Don’t be. There is nothing wrong with feeling this way or admitting it.  Don’t judge. Bottom line, if you put in any effort at all into getting ready, then you want to be noticed too.  Just be sure you are getting noticed for good reasons.  Here are a few style suggestions to get you the double take you deserve.

Half of It is I: Coupled up? Nothing is sexier than arriving with your guy and you are both looking stylish and put together.  Reference Kimye . I am sure a Glam & Sassy girl such as yourself landed a handsome and classy guy but it is ok to upstage him once in a while or, you know, all the time.  Make the effort to look like you did the first time you went out.  This includes, but is not limited to, a to die for dress that is revealing but not slutty (we are Glam & Sassy, not Glam & Trashy), bold accessories, sultry makeup and sexy heels. Having a hard time rallying after a long day at the office? Put on your fave music, turn it up loud, now louder, and get ready wearing only your lingerie while you prance around your apartment.  It will feel like playing dress up and you will be energized for an unforgettable night as the It Couple. Take lots of pics to relive how hot you are later.

Dress the Population 'Zoe' Sequin V-Neck Body-Con Dress

Body Con Dress at Norstrom is the perfect amount of sexy.

Alexandre Birman - Python & Suede Cage Sandals

Alexandre Birman heels were made for turning heads.

Look fabulous in fringe earrings.

Dancing Queens: Got a fun night planned with the girls? Awesome! Do not feel bad if you are the hottest of all of your hottie friends. They actually benefit from your level of gorgeous simply by association. You’re welcome. For a GNO, play up your best assets and experiment with bold colors and lots of bling. There is room for only one queen and that’s you.  Make sure your shoes are somewhat comfortable though. No dancing queen can be caught sitting down before 2am.

Strappy Lace Bodycon Dress

Attention grabbing red dress from Topshop.


So much bling I need shades.

Table for One: No BF and your BFF has other plans? That is no reason to stay home in your Lulu’s and order take out and Netflix.  Get off your cute and well toned booty, slip on (or jump into) your fave jeans and fabulous top and take yourself out! If you look this good, you will not be alone for long.  Put your phone down and be approachable. You are only allowed to pick it up to check out his IG account when he goes to the restroom to make a quick assessment of his claim to be single. Then, relax, have fun, and know that it was worth putting the finishing touches on your perfection so that you could feel glam tonight, and of course, sassy.

Paige USA, Margot - Rydelle, rydelle, Shop by Rise : Women : High, 2098521-2508 W2508

Paige denim and your booty. Perfect together.

Fringe was made for shaking what your mama (or the Doctor) gave ya.


Where to get it Guide 

Dress the Population Dress

Alexandre Birman Heels

Glam & Sassy Fringe Earrings

Topshop Red Lace Dress

Glam & Sassy Bling Bracelet

Paige Denim

Glam & Sassy Fringe Top



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