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Indulge Yourself

As Glam & Sassy girls, our lives can get pretty hectic. We are constantly juggling work, family, friends.  Isn’t it crazy when your phones ring, you get an IM notification, a snapchat and for some reason feel you must give them all your immediate attention.   How many of you busy ladies actually take some well deserved “me time”? If you have to look at your calendar to see when that was, then it is safe to say, you are not doing it often enough.  Me time doesn’t have to consist of an entire weekend getaway or a day at the spa (although that sounds ah-maz-ing). It can be something small that you do for yourself in the midst of all of your chaos. Here are some of my fave ways to spoil myself.  I recommend you read it, do it, and if it feels good, do it again.

Lip Service:

We all give it and we all need it.  A pretty pucker is something a Glam & Sassy gal should never be lacking. Applying lip color is a quick way to feel a little sexier, a little more glam and overall more attractive. It is so easy to do no matter what time of day or night, or where you may be.  Even if you are a pro at it like me, take a moment, pull out a compact mirror and paint on your lip gloss like you are painting the Sistine Chapel.  Sure, you could just as accurately slather it on blindly, but that little extra attention gives your mind a break on whatever you were currently occupied with and will make you feel fabulous.  Dior Addict ( soooooo appropriately named as mentioned in previous blogs, I am a full on lip gloss junkie) also adds plumpness, no needles required! Awesome! The packaging is pretty too! It is such a great way to get shine and fullness on the part of your body that everybody is always looking at!

Dior Addict Lip Plumper from Sephora
Feed your Addiction with Dior Addict Lip Plumper

Sweet Sensations:

Yes, I know you work out on the reg and keep track of all of your 10,000 daily steps on Fitbit.   I just got back from a killer workout at Equinox myself, but I also crave sugar from time to time.  Please tell me I’m not the only one with this weakness!!!  Happily, I have found a way to feed my sweet tooth everyday with sexual sugar. Now, I know what you are thinking because that would also fit in nicely with this blog’s theme, but let’s keep it PG shall we?  The perfume, Sexual Sugar,  by Michel Germain is a delicious mix of berries and vanilla crème brulee.  Spritz this flirty fragrance on your neck, wrists, décolletage….just about anywhere you want to smell yummy.  You will love that you can indulge in all the sugar you want, and still fit into your fave Paige white skinny jeans. Did I mention the sparkly pink box it comes in???  So Glam & Sassy!

Michel Germain sexual sugar Fragrance Collection for Women - A Macy's Exclusive
Sugar for Your Entire Body

  Party of One:

I want you to think of the times that you find yourself alone.  Now, before you send out a frantic group text to see who wants to get together, take this as an opportunity to decompress.  If the only time you are ever really alone is in your car, take advantage of that too! Turn up the music and sing as loud as you can.  You will actually relieve stress and we all sound really good to ourselves! Music can take you on such a journey and transcend you into another place.  I just love it! Another easy “me time” opp is to go for a walk and enjoy your surroundings. I  like these lightweight Nike’s  and they look cute with any casual outfit, so even if you are not in head to toe workout gear,  put these on and head out the door no matter where you are.  Still feel like you deserve a bit more?  When all else fails, go ahead and treat yourself to some champagne and cupcakes… and enjoy every lip smacking taste of it!

Nike 'Free 5.0 TR Fit' Training Shoe (Women)
Lace up and Walk Out in these cute Nike’s

Click it and Get it Guide:

Dior Addict High Volume Lip Plumper

Michel Germain Sexual Sugar

Paige White Skinny Jeans (in top photo)

Nike Free 5.0 Training Sneaker


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