Beverly Hills Hotel

Make a Move

With my vast years of life experience, let’s just say 32 and be done with it haha, I have found that if I want something bad enough, I have to go after it. Life is not about sitting around and waiting for things you hope will happen to happen. Recently, I have been in the process of changing the direction of my business and focusing on blogging about all that is Glam & Sassy. Thank you for reading and engaging BTW! That said, my current town of La Jolla, as beautiful as it is, may no longer be the right place for me.  I am spending more time in LA and enjoying all of the fabulous energy and fashion in the City of Angels. Here are some of the places I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying and some great pieces we should all have in our closets no matter where we live and love.

History Repeating:

One of the most iconic hotels for old and new Hollywood glam is the Beverly Hills Hotel. It is known as the “Pink Palace”. I can’t think of anything more Glam & Sassy than that!  I chose a casual but stylish outfit to wear while strolling around the grounds and you know I had to stop and enjoy a glass of champs at the Cabana Café. I love this super cute Vince dress that you can get on sale at This relaxed shirtdress style is perfect for dining al fresco, yet chic enough to be seen inside the resort browsing and making new friends which is a trait we Glam & Sassy girls all share 🙂

Vince Drawstring Shirtdress
Make Memories in this Unforgettable Casual Dress

 Reoccurring Feelings:

Some things in life can spark such a thrill! Remember the excitement of a first kiss, a new car, and, well, every time you go shopping ?!?  There are many great shopping venues but there is nothing like the feeling of strolling down Rodeo Drive.  For an afternoon of shopping till you drop, I prefer the very on trend flare jean paired with a striped tunic. Have you ever tried to try on tops when you are in a dress and realize you really need to have pants on to appreciate how it is going to look and make sure it doesn’t cover your best ASSet? No? Just me? Awkward….

7 for all Mankind jeans
Get some Flare for Fall
Splendid stripe tunic
This tunic is absolutely Splendid

Body and Soul Connection:

Working out is a must. And there is nothing better than new workout clothes to motivate you to move.  As a member of one of the hottest health clubs, Equinox, looking good is as important as feeling good. But no matter where you choose to burn off some calories, do so in something comfortable and functional. (I think functionable should be a word. You guys would know what I meant, right?) It is worth the splurge on athletic pants that accentuate and whisk away moisture aka sweat. Black is best because I can mix and match different colored tops. Besides, if I am spending this much on “yoga” pants. you can be sure I will also be wearing them running errands in my new town…and still look Glam & Sassy.

Click It and Get It Guide:

Vince Drawstring Dress

7 for all Mankind A Pocket Flare Jean

Splendid Stripe Tunic

Lorna Jane Sandrine 7/8 Tights


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