The Perfect Finish

It’s almost time. You said you would be ready in 10 minutes and that was 32 minutes ago. Sound familiar to anyone? This is pretty much me every time I have to leave the house. I don’t consider myself high maintenance, because overall, I can go from gritty to glam in a reasonable amount of time. However, there are those last few finishing touches that, if I am unsure of what exactly I am searching for, can prolong my routine. I gave it some thought and wanted to share with you, my fellow glaministas, a few of my go-to styling tips to complete your almost there outfit.

Go Bare:

Ironically, one of the things you can do is take something off. Tastefully showing some skin can amp up the head turning factor of your look. I abide by the general rule of showing off only one area of the body.  If my skirt or dress is not leaving much to the imagination, then I keep the girls covered. I love a halter top style dress because it is flattering on any cup size while baring those sexy shoulders we work so hard for in the gym. I will let you in on another little secret. My bare legs aren’t really bare at all. No, I am not talking tights or worse, hose, but body bronzer applied over smooth legs, gives the illusion that you actually had time for a vacay this summer, not to mention we look sexier when we are glowing.

Adelyn Rae Cage Back Chiffon Fit & Flare Dress

Get Tied Up:

I have long hair and I love it. I really love it when I am traveling to a dry climate like Las Vegas where my hair is always smooth, always straight, always perfect. But my lifestyle also takes me places where the humidity is like 1000 percent and then my adored brunette locks become the biggest time suck in the history of getting ready. When I feel like grabbing a clippers and shaving it like Brit in 2007, I calmly reach for my trusty drugstore hair tie instead. Aren’t we so glad ponies are in, ladies? Whether you like it tied high or low, in the back, or on the side, I say throw your hands up, pull your hair back, add styling product and you are now that much closer to finishing.


Out with a Bang:

Repeat after me. Never leave the house without accessories. It saddens me when I style clients and they say they don’t wear jewelry because they don’t know how. When did accessorizing become rocket science? God gave us two ears so we could wear fabulous earrings. He also gave us 10 fingers so please put a ring on at least two of them. Arms are for, you guessed it, arm candy, and it is always more fun to play with more than one so stack ‘em. As far as the gold vs silver debate….both are on trend so it is really a matter of preference, and yes, you absolutely can mix the metals. Still unsure? Go for sparkle and rock out with your bling out. I think of jewels as a form of self-expression. How much you wear depends on how loud you want your statement to be. I like to turn my volume way up….so I can always be Glam & Sassy.



Click it and Get it Guide:

Adelyn Rae Halter Dress

Victoria’s Secret All Over Bronzing Stick

Bumble and Bumble Holding Spray

Glam & Sassy I’m Hooked on You Earrings

Glam & Sassy Sweet Thing Ring

Glam & Sassy Addicted to Gold Bracelet


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