Own It

We all  have our own personal style.  It is a reflection of our personality.  Our style is our visual message to the world( and sometimes it is actually a written message on our top which is very on trend right now)! Our style may change as we do or our lifestyle does, but it is present everywhere we go. So we may as well own it.

When we own our look, we can walk into a room full of strangers with confidence and grace.  We can boldly approach people with a smile and a friendly introduction. Whatever your style, always make sure to have proper fitting clothing even if that means getting it tailored.  If certain situations make you a little anxious, the last thing you want to be is fidgeting in your outfit! If it is a casual gathering, I choose an outfit like a pair of my fave jeans that make my butt look good  (we all check it out, so let’s just get it out in the open!), a novelty top , comfy but CUTE shoes, and my accessories du jour.  Heading out to a fancier affair? A darling dress is always appropriate.  The key is to choose one that you still feel like you when you wear it. Be true to your authentic self.  Do not settle for anything that doesn’t feel quite right.  If you find you are talking yourself into it, then run, don’t walk, out of the fitting room and get back out there! You’re perfect match awaits! You will know when you find it.  Sometimes you have to try a lot of different styles until you find the one that fits.  Once you do, future outfit selections become easier because you now know what you like… and what you don’t.  Embrace your style and wear it proudly. And always feel Glam & Sassy.

Loving this "Novel-T" from glamandsassy.com



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