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If the Shoe Fits

It is officially autumn. Time for shorter days, wearing layers, and pumpkin spice…everything! Even though the season has changed on the calendar, the temps are still warm in most places.  My clients from the east coast and the west coast are asking me the same question…”Do we have to put away our sandals until spring and wear boots even though it still feels like summer?” Without hesitation, I tell them, no.

Living in Southern California, I can pretty much wear sandals and open toe heels year round. (Note: I was careful to time this blog before some of you find yourselves buried and snow and hating me for that statement!)  This year, the peep toe bootie is on trend and going strong.  Ladies, these are a MUST have so if you do not yet own, do not delay! Unlike that cozy blanket wrap you purchased when the stores starting carrying Fall 2015 in July, you can start wearing these booties now! I mean, right out of the store if you so desire! (I have done this. Many times. Don’t laugh.)

Here are my two style selections depending on your bootie budget (and I don’t mean working out with a personal trainer) . Let’s start with the splurge because let’s face it, fantasizing is so exciting!  At $425, this suede perforated style from Pedro Garcia is edgy and fun! If you live in a warmer climate, I can help you justify this purchase.  It is the Glam & Sassy version of creative accounting, if you will.  Just estimate how many times you will rock these beauties by the cost and the answer is you can’t afford NOT to buy them!  See how GOOD I am at math haha!

Pedro Garcia 'Sylvana' Perforated Suede Peep Toe Bootie (Women)
We all want fabulous booties!
Show off your sexy booties with your fave jeans!

This version by Zara (above)  is equally sexy and chic.  The leather will be more durable than the suede and you won’t have to cut back on your Pumpkin latte budget in order to afford them.  Why give up one Fall pleasure for another?  Which ones do you Glam & Sassy girls like better? I’d love to hear from you!

Click It and Get It Guide:

Pedro Garcia Peep Toe Bootie

Zara Ankle Boots


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