Life’s Little Luxuries

Hello Glam & Sassy loves. I have a bold statement to make. I have a great life. I was a Jersey girl but now live in beautiful southern California.  My business revolves around fashion and fun. I am surrounded by fabulous people and I get to travel often. Yes, life is good and I am blessed to be able to indulge in luxuries such as boutique hotels, fantastic restaurants and designer everything. I work hard and believe in rewarding myself.  However, there is one item for fall that I have not yet attained . Sad face.

Over the weekend, I was last minute dress shopping for an event the next day, which, as a personal shopper and stylist, I do NOT recommend!  As I was perusing through all of the gorgeous fall fashions, my fingers caressed the softest, most supple leather pants and for a moment, I actually gasped in excitement.  I began envisioning the places I would show them off, how great my butt would look, and what sexy shoes I would wear. Then I gasped again as I noticed the price.  Does that really say one thousand dollars (ok $995 but it would be over $1000 after CA sales tax…something I miss about Jersey, no sales tax on clothing, oh and no self-serve gas stations, do you know how awesome that is when it is cold and raining which is A LOT back there??? )  Now, I know that may seem silly coming from someone who has no problem dropping twice that on a handbag, but pants?  And leather? In San Diego? I need some VERY creative accounting to justify that spend on something I would wear a few times before I felt like “I was already seen in these” and put them back in the closet.  Leather pants are not the same as your favorite premium denim which can be worn over and over again and no one knows as long as it’s styled with different tops and shoes. The very definition of “leather pants” is “statement piece”. I know what you are thinking.  Just get a less expensive pair. Not an option. If you saw a really hot guy out one night and you were already teased by the attraction, you wouldn’t settle for his less than hot friend, would you?  I think not.  Ok so here they are.  Check them out and let me know if they are a little luxury that no Glam & Sassy girl should be without! xo


Click It and Get It Guide:

Gina’s Lust Have Leather Pants just kidding they are from Theory  


7 thoughts on “Life’s Little Luxuries”

  1. Gina – the blog looks great! You changed it up, right? Ok – I spent about half that on a pair of leather pants from a leather store. They are buttery soft lambskin and I LOVE THEM. I get a ton of wear out of them and butt looks awesome! They were such a good buy too as they are strangely so warm and cozy! Get a ton of use out of them during our intensely freezing Ontario winters! I say GET THEM. They are so versatile, San Diego or not!

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    1. Hi Dom! Thank you for reading! I did change it up a bit…trying to find out what works best and I’ll gladly accept any advice/feedback from you as I love love love your blog! As for the leather pants, sounds like they are a staple and you are right, I should get them! Xo GINA

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      1. Hey Gina! Check out They do leather pants every year – a great Canadian company (that ships worldwide). That being said, I would prefer to see the leather pants and try them on in person before buying. Too much of an expense, and lambskin pants are so delicate…good idea to see before buying! Yes – I will add “reviewing your blog” to my list of to dos this weekend. It’s such a fun read, and you are so fabulous! I always love seeing what you get up to! LOL! Thank you so much for the kind comments on my blog!

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  2. Do you have an Instagram account, Gina? I’d love to connect there too. I love your blog! That’s a sincere comment. They’re hard to come by. That or I’m overly picky. P.D.-These Pants remind me of a Vince jacket that I definitely wish I owned. 🙂



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