One More Night

Hello Glam & Sassy loves! Are any of you a night owl like me?  I am sooooo not a morning person.  I have to ease into my morning and I make it a point to not schedule my client meetings or events until at least 10 am.  This gives me ample time to play on my phone i.e. social media and emails (while still laying in bed), drink coffee, go to the gym, and then I am ready to work the next 8-10 hours. I am at my best later in the day and at night. So as you can imagine, I have some late nights working, as well as playing.  Here are some of my fave outfit ideas for your next night out!

Jump Right In

Jumpsuits are the perfect go-to.  They are an easy way to look put together AND  be comfortable. Sure, you can rock a one piece during the day, but glam it up with a sparkle belt and lots of gold accessories and you can make this your party outfit too.  Your covered up legs will thank you when you step out in the cold.  I love this one from Eliza J at Nordstrom.

Eliza J Beaded Belt Lighweight Jumpsuit

Heavy Metal

Hot trend alert! Metallics! Nothing says I am here to party all night like the shine of a metallic dress. Even the color tones are champagne so of course you are meant to enjoy a glass (or two) while wearing it! Dresses are always my fave way to show up at an evening event and this DVF long sleeve style is perfect for Fall/Winter. We can go back to showing off our shoulder and biceps when they are tan again in the spring!


DIANE von FURSTENBERG Dress - Zarita Lace _2

Leather Weather

A leather jacket is a must in any climate.  It is durable and looks just as good paired with jeans as it does your sexy LBD. The temps in LA get down into the 50s at night, and although that may not sound cold if you live in Canada, or the mid-west, or the northeast…ok just about anywhere BUT southern California, trust me, it is! Those nights, I love that I can throw on my black leather jacket over just about anything.  If you prefer, there are faux leather jackets that are just as fabulous, and less of a worry if you are in a crowded bar and just know you are going to get spilled on before your long night of fun is over.  If you are one the doing the spilling, be sure to Uber home. It’s the Glam & Sassy thing to do.


Click It and Get It Guide

Eliza J Jumpsuit -Nordstrom

DVF Metallic Dress-Bloomingdales

Faux Leather Jacket-Zara


19 thoughts on “One More Night”

    1. Hi Miranda! I have the opposite problem because I am only 5’2″ lol! I read the customer reviews on the Eliza J jumpsuit I featured , and one indicated it was made for tall women (5’9″ ish) . I do agree jumpsuits are tricky to find the right fit and proportions and may take some trial and error, but like your fave jeans, once you find the perfect one for your body, you’ll love it and look Glam & Sassy!!! Xo Gina


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