Short Cut

My hair is long.  I like it long.  It took years to grow it to this length, so I do not foresee myself cutting it any time soon.  The only time I don’t love it, is when I am in hurry and have to wash, dry, and style it. That takes FOREVER  and every minute in the morning is precious (since I am not a morning person as mentioned in a previous post One More Night).  Thankfully, it’s not necessary to wash your hair everyday and truth be told, it always seems to look better on day 2!   Is that true for any of you lovely ladies out there too?  On shampoo days, I will do my makeup, drink my coffee, even walk my dog with wet hair so that it will begin to air dry and not take so long to blow out. My arms get tired wrestling with the hair dryer and brush so saving some time here is the goal.   That works fairly well except now it’s too chilly in the mornings to be walking around town with a wet head  (it may be in the 50s, but it’s all relative and FEELS cold).  I have found a better short cut to my drying time that I wanted to share .  It is a soft and lightweight microfiber Go2Towel.  I saw it online and was sent one to try.  Once out of the shower, I gently squeezed the excess water from my hair and wrapped it up in this.  I left it on while I moisturized face and body and it absorbed most of the moisture very quickly. The other reason I really like this towel is the very Glam & Sassy pink color!  You can check it out on their website. It has several other uses like for the beach and yoga and is great for travel. I was also thinking this would be a great gift idea…not for me, since I already have one, but I can give you my Christmas list if you were going to send me something haha!  Thanks for reading and have a Glam & Sassy day!

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