Fur Sure

Hello Glam & Sassy loves and Happy February! Is anyone besides me ready for spring yet?  We have had some nasty weather coming through California…muchas gracias El Nino! I suppose if I had to find ONE thing I like when it is chilly out, it is wearing beautiful winter fashions.  There is an element of fun to layering clothing like jackets and cardigans over shirts, and the wonderful feel of cozy fabrics on your skin.  I was very excited when I found this fabulous faux Furry Weather Cardigan  from an LA based online boutique, Spring & Fifth.   I found them on Instagram @springandfifth (and while you are on there, please follow me @glamandsassy). Since we are both based in southern California, and we both love and work in fashion, it was a match made in social media heaven!

 What I love about this cardigan is the coffee- to- cocktails vibe I get from it and how I can style it for day or night.  During the day I paired it with my fave denim and wedge booties for a cozy casual look.

Keeping warm on a chilly San Diego day.


So soft you will want to touch it.


For evening, I added it as a layering piece to a monochromatic black outfit: black coated ankle jeans that have a leather like feel and sheen with a black top and black patent Louboutins, for which I have a love/ hate relationship.  I love to look at them, but hate to wear them! Ladies, I know you KNOW what I am talking about (ouch!) So I save them for nights out where I will not be dancing, walking or even standing ! Sitting is fine. I can sit with these on so this is the perfect look for dinner at a trendy restaurant or a glass of champagne with the girls to celebrate, well, anything! We never need a reason to drink champagne, right ladies!

These shoes were NOT made for walking!

Ok so here is some exciting news!  I can offer you, my amazing followers and readers, a discount on anything at SpringandFifth.com ! They have a lot of cute stuff! Check it out and if you find something you can’t live without, use the promo code “glamandsassy” (of course) and save 15%.  You might decide to get your very own Furry Cardigan and if you do, please share in the comments where you wear yours and how much you like being Glam & Sassy!

Disclaimer: This cardigan was a gift from Spring & Fifth, but I do not receive any form of payment from Spring & Fifth from your purchases and my opinion of this item is not biased in any way.


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