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Try it on for Size

Hello Glam & Sassy loves!  Welcome to Daylight Savings time and Happy St Patrick’s day!  Around this time in March, there is one thing that is certain.  Spring is just around the corner! Are you ready? In this season where everything is new again, it is only natural that we Glam & Sassy ladies need something fresh and new in our closets! Even if you can’t go out and purchase an entire new warm weather wardrobe… but let’s take a moment and dream about how amazing that would be, shall we…. you should at least pick up a few of your favorite trends for the season to mix with what you are already loving and living in.  This is my professional opinion, of course!  Your life is a juggling act of working, working out, going out, and catching up on Vanderpump Rules. (Please tell me I am not the only one obsessed with what alarming things are coming out of Jax’s mouth, and wonder how the girls working at Sur could possibly have THAT much drama in life by age 28?)  I am here to help by pinpointing some of my favorite spring trends that must find a way into my closet and my life.

Shoulder Shrug:

When it comes to baring it all, I have one rule.  Don’t.  Instead, show some skin in patches to look sexy, not trashy.  A flirty off-the-shoulder blouse is very on trend right now. I love this one from W by Worth. Not sure you can pull this look off without feeling like a flamenco dancer? Just give it a try.  The greatest thing about fashion and trends is that even if you don’t fall in love with every one, trying it on for size can be so much fun! It’s like playing dress up!  I encourage all of my clients to get out of their comfort zone and try the unexpected.  Usually, they find something new that they never thought they would be into.  Don’t get stuck in a style rut. Sometimes in life we just have to take a chance with no expectations. It is those moments which end up adding  the most excitement and pleasure.

White heat! Obsessed with this flirty shoulder baring top!

It’s in the Bag:

Isn’t the fact that it is almost spring reason enough to treat yourself to a new handbag? I like to think of it as spring cleaning for my purse and maybe you will find that earring on the bottom of your handbag abyss that you thought was gone for good.  As we enter into the dreaming-of-that-beach-vacay time of year, let’s ditch the boring black bags until September-ish.  There are so many fun colors that you can substitute or even change it up to a new neutral like gray.  This crossbody by Treasure & Bond also has fringe! Two trends in one! Grab it and rock it like the true fashionista that you are!

Treasure&Bond Leather Crossbody
There are many fringe benefits to trying something new!

Slide it In:

In this carefree season, I am about looking good and feeling good.  For a fabulous daytime shoe that will have your pretty pink pedicured toes prancing all over town, I am happy to tell you a trendy but comfy slide or platform wedge gets the job done. Style and comfort.  Who said we can’t have it all?!?  No buckles, no ties, no socks! Just slip your feet inside and go! Ugg has some cute styles to choose from that I found on . They are as comfy as their iconic boots, but not as UGGly!  These are perfect to style with shorts, jeans, skirts, anything casual chic.  When you get ready to go out later that night, your arches will be thanking you for pampering them all day and may even allow you to stay until last call before THEY call it a night.

UGG® 'Mattie' Platform Wedge Sandal (Women)
The perfect combination of comfort and excitement.

Which of these easy to wear trends will you be trying on this spring?  I think I am going to go with all three!  Whatever trend speaks to you, try it, love it, own it. Feel confident as you enter a party or exit a room, and always rock it Glam & Sassy style!

For more exciting Spring and Summer trends, check out @glamandsassy on IG and feel free to comment below!











One Lovely Blog Award

Hello Glam & Sassy loves! I am very honored and excited to write today because I was nominated for the “One Lovely Blog Award” by the very lovely and very Glam & Sassy, Lynna! Her blog, how lynnaful, is as fun and as passionate as she is! Thank you, Lynna, for following Glam & Sassy Style Tips and Trends and for this nomination.  #gratitude

The rules are as follows:

  1. Thank the person that nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. List the rules.
  3. Display the award on your post of the award.
  4. List seven facts about yourself.
  5. Nominate 15 bloggers for this award and comment on one of their posts to let them know you have nominated them.

So here we go……

Seven Facts About Me:

  1. Even though I am very outgoing and not at all camera shy, I am a private person, so this is going to be a bit of a challenge for me haha!
  2. I started this blog because I like to write and was always told I was good at it.  I did well in all of my English classes and I have kept a journal since I was in elementary school (but they don’t get really good until college… insert winky face).
  3. I consider myself bi coastal. I grew up on the east coast and will always consider that home, but I have lived in southern California  for 8 years and absolutely love it! I am blessed to be able to travel and work in both places.
  4. I am passionate about music. The sound. The lyrics. The way it can take me back to any given memory and create emotion. My favorite genre is EDM. I can dance all night to amazing music and its even better with an amazing partner!
  5. I was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and The New York Times, and did on camera interviews on CNN and CNBC for  businesses I owned back east.
  6. I love clothes and fashion.  Shopping is my favorite past time and I worked very hard to get my dream jobs of working in merchandising and buying in NYC for DKNY and Saks Fifth Avenue respectively.
  7.  I still watch Sex and the City reruns and probably always will.


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Please check out these other “Lovely Blogs” and see what they are up to.  It is a great way to find bloggers to follow as I did from Lynna’s, Lovely Blog Award post.  Thanks so much for stopping by. Now that you know SEVEN things about me, I’d love to hear more about you, so please leave it in the comments, and have a Glam & Sassy weekend!

Glam & Sassy Blog New Location

Hello readers! First, thank you so much for checking out my blog! If you have missed the last few months. it is because I have been blogging directly on my website.

Please check it out to catch up on the previous posts and to be sure not to miss any of the upcoming ones!  My posts will be full of style tips with a flair of flirtatiousness and fun. They will also include a Where to Buy It Guide for easy online shopping!  Thank you again and have a Glam & Sassy day!

24 hrs in Vegas

Glam & Sassy Girls in Glam & Sassy Dresses!
Glam & Sassy Girls in Glam & Sassy Dresses!
Hopped on a flight to see Britney “Piece of Me” on Saturday to Vegas, which is the equivalent of a party bus in the air…thank YOU, SWA! I am a big fan of the ease in which you can go from So-Cal to Sin City in an hour. So much better than driving the 4+ hours AND you can start cocktailing it up before you even arrive! Packing for a fun-filled 24 hours is also a breeze! Just follow these style tips and you’ll be ready for anything you want to do in this city that sparkles!

1) What to wear on the plane: skinny stretch jeans,sexy top, wedge sandals. This outfit will be both cute and comfortable for the flight and the arrival at your hotel. You want to be ready to hit the Strip/Casino/Forum Shops right after you claim your bed and marvel at the ginormous bathroom in your room!

1a) If it is pool weather, make sure you have a bikini and cover-up, albeit skimpy, at close reach so you don’t miss any of the good sun…and eye candy. I suggest throwing this in your handbag so you don’t even have to waste time unpacking.

2) What to wear to dinner/concert/club: A dress is ALWAYS the answer. Here’s why. Although the Bellagio looks close to the Wynn, it isn’t. And certainly not in the 6 inch heels I know you brought to look hot, elongate your legs and lift your butt! Therefore, a dress will take you from sushi at Tao to Britney to wherever you end up dancing till 5am.

3) What to wear to bed: This is a personal choice, but, for argument’s sake, let’s just say PJ’s and leave it at that.

4) What to wear the next morning/flight home: Jeans, colorful t-shirt and flip flops. Trust me on this one, your feet will thank you and you really won’t be able to force your throbbing toes into any kind of structured shoe after last night’s dance marathon…that is if you were even able to pry them off before bed. Oh, and definitely wear sunglasses! The flight home from Vegas is the one time it is totally acceptable to don sunglasses indoors without looking like a tool. They will hide the evidence of lack of sleep and dehydration and also help you catch 45 minutes of z’s before you touch down back to reality.

Be Mine.

Arm Candy
Arm Candy

Three's More Fun
Three’s More Fun
After all of the Valentine’s Day candy is gone (now a workout is much needed) and the flowers have lost their petals, the one thing that is still bringing a smile to my face is my new sparkle! Yes, he DID get me the kind we refer to as a “girl’s best friend”, but to the shiny stacked bracelets on my wrists will I always be true.

I love the look of a bunch of bangles or bracelets wide and narrow layered from my wrist to my elbow. Ok, maybe not that many, but certainly a threesome is so much more fun than only one or two. Ladies, you can OWN this look and have fun experimenting with what brings you the most pleasure. My preferences are crystals, crystals and more crystals. I want to shimmer and sparkle everyday, otherwise, what is the point? This trend works with everything…from denim to a dress! Not sure where to begin? Choose ones that allow you to express yourself and that you are attracted to. The best part is, you can enjoy them all and all at once! Go ahead and indulge yourself…and you won’t even have to log hours in the gym afterwards. Just bask in your shiny glow!

Craving Something New


Sapphire Princess
Sapphire Princess


Satisfying Sparkle
Satisfying Sparkle
Flirty Fix
Flirty Fix

Here we are three weeks into 2014.  The celebrations and resolutions are almost long forgotten, but every year at this time, I crave something new…whether that is a new accomplishment, relationship or experience,  just to make sure the current year far surpasses the previous one.  It’s a crazy cycle,  but one that keeps me moving forward and progressing, so it’s actually a good thing

The same goes for my wardrobe.  I have many pieces that I love to wear, cannot wait to wear, and feel oh-so-fabulous when I wear, but isn’t there always room for something to out do even those favorite looks?  As a stylist and owner of Glam & Sassy, I realize I have an unfair advantage as I get my retail therapy in the form of a legit business buying trip (aka SHOPPING), but the good news is, my clients also benefit from it too!    These are the newest items I added to my assortment of goodies in order to get my fix for something new this January.  A word of advice to my clients…hurry and get them now before they ALL end up in MY closet!