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Date Night

Whether single or married, date night is a must!  It gets you out of the routine of  waking up, going to work, going to the gym, going to bed.  It also gives us ladies a reason to trade in our business casual attire for something fun and flirty.  After all, this is date night! You want him to forget about everything but you and you want to forget everything but you too! From dinner and a movie to dancing till dawn, embrace the party girl inside, and make it a night so good,  you’ll want to do it again and again. However, before you make your reservation on Open Table, let’s go through a list of Date Night must haves!


The Look-Part 1:

Choose a dress or this season’s on trend romper that shows a little more skin or a top that that would never ever be appropriate for a business affair. Heels are a non-negotiable. Find ones that are comfortable so you can call it a night when you are ready, not because your feet are! These YSL heels which you can find at Nordstrom are my fave and I swear I could run a marathon in them!

Saint Laurent 'Tribute' T-Strap Sandal

The Look-Part 2:

You take time doing your hair and makeup, and even more time choosing the perfect outfit, and all for one reason. You want your guy to see you then gasp and smile like it is the very first time he laid eyes on you. If the first time he saw you was on your Tinder profile, then rest assured the look you get when you approach him in person, is the look he had when he right swiped. Take a moment and take it all in, and know that he is doing the same.  Also, when it comes to “the look”, the one you give him is equally important…across the table, during a giggle, on the dance floor etc. Confidence is the key to sexiness. Master your look, make it your own, and you will be enjoying many date nights to come.

Make it Last:

If everything goes according to plan, date night will involve activities that can ruin your perfect pout. I am referring to eating, sipping on your fave beverage (champagne of course!), and if all goes well, a kiss or two! I used to reapply lip gloss, on average, 28 times a night. I prefer the feel of gloss to its drier lipstick counterpart but it has zero staying power.  This is not a good quality for your date, OR your lip gloss! Recently while playing around at the Chanel counter in Nordstrom,  I was introduced to their long lasting lip color that feels like a gloss! For a mere $36, I have officially kicked my gloss habit! Way cheaper than gloss rehab!


You’ve got your outfit, your look, and your makeup perfected. You are ready! Now grab your date, enjoy your night, and remember it is always more fun being Glam & Sassy!

Get it Here Guide:

Glam & Sassy romper

YSL Tribute T Strap Shoes

Chanel Ultra Wear Lip Color




Summer State of Mind

From the Empire to the Sunshine State, ladies are celebrating summer all over the place! Pool parties, bridal showers, beach vacations, and summer is not over yet! With all of these activities, we ladies need more than a few fabulous outfits in rotation.  Let’s be honest, even if you will not see the same people at said events, there will be pictures taken.  Where there are pictures, there are social media posts.   Sadly, gone are the days when you could re-wear that fun party dress and no one would be the wiser.   As if there wasn’t enough to worry about already, now you have to remember what you were photographed in on Thursday of last week before choosing your outfit for this weekend! Crazy, yes, but such is our reality.  After spending over budget on your new bathing suit, registry gifts, and travel arrangements, how do you justify maxing out another card to clothe yourself in a season that requires little clothing?  Don’t sweat it.  You’ll be doing enough of that dancing till 2am.  I have a few ideas that will enable you to make the most of what you already own and the best places to find some deals on the things you may still need for fun in the sun.

More Than Just a Pretty Face:  Smart fashionistas have bank accounts that are as desirable as their closets.  Sure, it is fun to have a few spurge items like those Louboutins you are still paying off, but there are some great sales this time of year, so there is no need to pay full price for everything you buy. Check out the many sale items online right now like this super cute dress from French Connection.  Style it with a floppy hat and sandals for a daytime soiree, and nude heels and crossbody bag at night.

French Connection 'Jag' Stripe Stretch Cotton Knit Dress

Stun in Stripes in this French Connection knit dress

Womens Sunbrim With Lurex And Gold Dome Stud Trim

Look like a California girl in this San Diego Hat Company Sunbrim

Private Parts:  I love walking into Saks Fifth Avenue (my previous employer) ,Bloomies and Nordstrom.  I love the sights, the sounds, the scents (Chanel Allure anyone?).  The price tags, well, not so much.  However, you can  walk into these specialty department stores and walk out with a bag of beautiful indulgences without spending more on your vacation outfit as you spent on the vacation itself.  A lot of stores carry their own private label collections that are usually just as stylish as the designers, but more affordable.  I just picked up this cute top by Halogen at Nordstrom for $34 and it comes in 10 colors.  With so many to choose from, there is never a reason for you to get tagged on your friend’s FB post in the same top!

Halogen® Linen Tank (Regular & Petite)

Some are fun in Halogen Tank

Go Both Ways: We all have this capability!  There are great pieces which can be very versatile that you probably already own. Think those knit sweaters have to be put away until October?  Pair them with shorts or a mini for a chic nighttime look at the beach.  Do you use scarves only around your neck?  Take a pretty floral printed one and tie it around your tote.  It will change up the look of your bag, and you will also enjoy having it handy when you need to take cover from a daytime sun shower.  Looking to take your LBD from day to night? Show your sparkle by wearing fun earrings.  There is a lot of summer left. Style and shop wisely and you will always be able to afford looking Glam & Sassy.

Shop it Here!

French Connection Stripe Stretch Dress

San Diego Hat Company Sunbrim

Chanel Allure

Halogen Linen Tank

Glam & Sassy Crystal Earrings

Work It Out

Gone are the days when we were of school age and summer was three months of being completely carefree. No schedules, no studying, and outfit decisions were based purely on the weather. I had my favorite pair of cut off jean shorts, a pink tank with a big rainbow on it, and (very) worn out kicks, and swear I wore it every week! In the present life of being a responsible adult, the warmer days and shorter nights do not mean we are on a perpetual vacation.  Most of us still get up and get dressed for work Monday thru Friday which can be challenging during the dog days of summer’s heat and humidity.  How do you keep cool while still looking stylish and professional, since, the last time I checked, our fave cut offs and pink tanks are frowned upon in the office. Try a few of these outfit ideas and maybe you’ll even get a raise by Labor Day.

Sharpen your Pencil: Much more sophisticated than its flouncy counterpart, the pencil skirt is the perfect choice for the office. With its slim cut and just below- the- knee length, you will stay cool AND be able to show off a little of that tan you worked so hard on over the weekend! Invest in a well constructed one like this style from Theory. Wear it with a crisp blouse tucked in, practical heels and a delicate necklace. This look is the new power suit! You’ll be so excited to wear it that you’ll be asking on Saturday…is it Monday yet???

Theory 'Lijnek' Ponte Knit Pencil Skirt

Theory pencil skirt at Nordstom.com

Dress for Success: I just love dresses for summer! They are light! They are feminine! They are an instant outfit! Just slip it on, apply some Chanel mascara and lipgloss and head out the door! If you have read my blogs before (thank you for that BTW and if not, please go back and do so as you are really missing out!) you know that I am a big fan of the wrap dress.  It is seriously so flattering on everyone! Wrap dresses accentuate our waists and the jersey fabric is so comfy you will feel like you are not wearing anything at all! Check out this darling style I found at Bloomies from Diane von Furstenberg! After all, if you are going to wear a wrap,  you may as well wear the original!

DIANE von FURSTENBERG Wrap Dress - New Julian Two _2

It’s a Wrap! Dress from DVF at Bloomingdales.


Get a Leg Up: Pitching an important client? Interviewing for a new position? We all know that if you feel good about yourself, your performance will show it.  When you have to really bring it, put some time and effort into your outfit planning and select what is appropriate in your industry or in the position you WANT to have.  Feel fabulous in fuchsia? Then choose this pretty pink underpinning  from Trina Turk with your suit jacket.  Better in blue? Adorn yourself with these hues of the sea  accessories.  Whatever that look may be for you, wear with it confidence and go for the compliment! Those two things together are what make us Glam & Sassy!

Robie Top

Flatter yourself. Pink top from Trina Turk.



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Theory Pencil Skirt

Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Mascara

Chanel Rouge Allure Colour and Shine Lipgloss

DVF Wrap Dress New Julian Two

Trina Turk Robie Top

Glam & Sassy necklace