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Block ‘Em

Hello Glam & Sassy loves! Who agrees that the block feature may be the greatest thing since our cell phones?  If you have utilized it, you probably wonder how you ever got by without it. From an annoying telemarketer to an even more annoying ex, blocking them protects you from the crazy.  The beauty of this feature is that the person on the “block you” end, receives no indication that they have been shunned from your life.  They are just out there trying to feverishly contact you wondering why you are not responding. It would be cruel except they usually deserve it.  I’ve only used it on very rare occasions but the peace that follows makes me very grateful to the techies at Apple who created it. Some people could benefit from a reverse blocking feature that would require a complicated pass code or , I don’t know, maybe a breathalyzer, before being able to send OUTGOING messages. You know who are.  In regards to fashion, color blocking is very on trend for fall. Here are a few ways to block effectively .

Top to Bottom:

Color blocking on the top and bottom gives the eye maximum pleasure. The key is to choose two pieces with coordinating color combinations and sleek shape.  This merino wool long skirt  and pullover makes a power couple with a bold stripe on each. It is a flattering fit and also feels amazing because the fabric is ribbed for our pleasure.


Flatter Yourself:

Hey, if you don’t do it, how you can expect anyone else to?  In color blocking, it is important to choose a pattern that has blocks in all the right places. I love this slightly cropped top  styled with solid black pants or slim skirt for a professional look and it creates the perfect silhouette…not that you don’t already have one.

W - Looks for Business Tips 0719_02

Bold Girl:

Contrasting colors that are reminiscent of the 80’s are back and better than ever (no neons this time around). This W by Worth ponte dress is a striking combo of black and rhubarb that knows how to tease, tempt and flaunt.  I would rock this dress from the office with pumps to date night with sexy OTK boots and walk home in the morning with zero shame. As long as we keep it classy ladies, we’ll always be Glam & Sassy.


Click it and Get It Guide:

Gray and Black Pullover

Gray and Black Skirt

Multicolor Top

Long Sleeve Dress



The Non-Negotiables

Hello Glam & Sassy loves!  As we gain experience in life, we discover things we need to be happy.  This is true of relationships, careers, and hobbies. It is also the case in our wardrobes. No self respecting woman would settle for anything less than a closet containing certain key pieces.  In defining the non-negotiables/ essentials/ must have’s…they are items that are high in quality, versatile, and long lasting. Commitment-phobes need not continue to read because it only makes sense to invest if the plan is to keep them around for while.  Now that you  have gotten rid of those things in your closet that have been taking up space since reading my last blog, Breaking Up, you are ready to replace with clothing that is actually worthy of you.

The Perfect Partner:

For those of you who remember the movie, Jerry McGuire, the line “You complete me” had ladies swooning.  Are you looking for YOUR perfect missing piece? I suggest something versatile enough to wear as a power suit with pants, a classic look with a skirt, or casual with jeans. A perfectly proportioned jacket with a flattering cut and beautiful fabric will check all these boxes.  If your budget allows you to invest in only one, then black is the obvious choice for a polished look.  Since you will want to wear it year round, choose a cotton/ viscose blend that won’t be too hot in the summer and the bonus is this fabric also travels well and who doesn’t love to travel!  I am obsessed with this Tonal Mini Jacquard jacket from W by Worth.  With it’s subtle sheen, it is sure to outshine the rest.


Trade Up:

I am going to skip the LBD as I feel it is safe to assume we all have at least two, and if we are being honest, the actual number is the that times three. So before you allow yourself to be tempted by yet another, go for something you will wear again and again, a little white dress.  A white dress for spring and summer is so fresh and bold. It will definitely stand out among the sea of black.  Accessories will change the look from day to evening , as will shoes. Stop the insanity of being attracted to something similar to what you just purged from your life, and go with the complete opposite. It will be a refreshing change and you will love the stretch in this cotton denim dress as show off your new look.


Head Turner:

Another must have, at least for me, is attraction.  This is a non-negotiable for sure! Call me shallow, but I crave anything that is appealing to the eye. What is the point of getting dressed, if your outfit doesn’t turn a few heads? Novelty prints and basic silhouettes are fine, but to up your wow factor, experimentation is key. Try one of this season’s trends, off the shoulder tops. So soft. So sexy. So easy to style with jeans, joggers, or shorts.  Slip into one before you slip out the door and just watch what happens when you look Glam & Sassy .


Click it and Get it Guide:

W by Worth Jacket

W by Worth Dress

W by Worth Top




That’s a Wrap

Hello Glam & Sassy loves and Happy New Year! Is it really 2016 already and did this holiday season fly by for you as it did for me?  I had such a wonderful December….an amazing wedding in Hawaii (not mine), a lovely Christmas with family and an epic NYE with friends.  I wanted to share some of my looks with you and also what I am looking forward to this month in fashion.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This is going back a few years but do you remember this movie?  It took place at a beautiful beach resort, Turtle Bay, and this is where my friend’s wedding was.  I am pretty sure we stayed in the same beachfront cottage as the fictional character, Sarah Marshall.  It was so fantastic to look out at the ocean every day! Even though the wedding was in Hawaii, it was definitely not a casual affair.  Everything from the flowers, the food, and the entertainment, including a live performance by the hip hop artist, Future, was over the top! For this occasion, I wore an embellished black cocktail dress with patent leather black heels that I can dance in all night.  After working in fashion for so long, this is rule number one that I tell my clients:  Look fabulous. Feel fabulous.  What is the point of looking good if you aren’t comfortable enough to enjoy it?

Background by Mother Nature. Dress by Nordstrom.


Christmas with the Cousins

I am Italian. There are two things we have a lot of at holiday celebrations: food and cousins! My family is all over the country, so it is really special when we are together in one place.  A great way to commemorate such an occurrence, is matching hoodies for all!  It started as more of a joke, but once we were all together and decided to put them on, I saw the perfect photo opp!  Very red and festive! The perfect sweatshirt for Christmas!

Sometimes you have to be Glam & Silly !

Twice the Sparkle

So by now, you may have figured out that I like to sparkle! Anything that has sequins, crystals or beads seduces me into needing it in my life.  The desire to shine  is what makes us all Glam & Sassy.  It doesn’t have to be head to toe…..unless it is New Year’s Eve (or Vegas!) NYE is my “Fashion Week” of nights out and time to totally bring on the bling! There is no such thing as too much, so I wore a mesh dress completely covered in silver sequins. That still wasn’t enough to satisfy my craving so I stacked bracelet upon crystal bracelet and wore three tiered crystal earrings. We were ringing in the New Year at Avalon Hollywood and my outfit inspiration was the disco ball! What do you think? Mission accomplished?

Stacked arm candy is yummy!
My outfit inspiration for the evening.
Stand out in the crowd with sequins.

Now that is January, I am so excited for what lies ahead!  I will be working as a stylist with a luxurious  clothing line out of New York.   More on that company and it’s gorgeous Spring 2016 pieces  in my next post so stayed tuned!  I will continue to personal shop for my clients and build relationships in this amazing blog community (love you all!)  The other great thing about January is the terrific sales! Hitting the sale racks really is the best way to beat the post holiday blues!  So let’s go!  Have a Glam & Sassy 2016, everyone!

Tan Lines

I was just in South Beach checking out Swim Week. It was so much fun! I love Miami and did not want to come home…and coming home is usually very nice since I live in San Diego! When asked where I was visiting from, most people were surprised to hear that I left one ocean to come hang out at another. Even more surprising because it is July…a very steamy time of year in Miami. The few days I spent there were no exception and while it was definitely hot and humid, it was also the fashion that was responsible for the heat. As the sun goes down, the MIA really starts to get hot! It is time to get off the beach and into the clubs! Read on to see how to dress for both!

Grin and Bare It:

When the temps are spiking, you want two things. One, to wear as little as possible, and two, to get in the water. You have to show up in Miami, Vegas, or even your friend’s pool party, looking as hot as the weather. Bikini’s are a great way to get some sun and show off some skin all at the same time. I love a halter top style and am convinced it is flattering on everyone. It holds up the girls nicely and you can bare sexy shoulders later that night sans strappy tan lines. To find the proper fit, measure around the fullest part of you bust and your natural waist. Once you find a style that “suits” you, I suggest getting it in more than one color to avoid having to repeat the process every time you realize you need, or want, a new bikini. Babajaan showed their 2016 Collection at Swim Week, but lucky for us, we can shop the current collection right now and I just love this Jackie Bamboo Bikini! It comes in lots of gorgeous colors too! Decisions, decisions…

Jackie Bamboo Bikini Set
Get tied up in this sexy Babajaan halter bikini

Show Time:

Later in the evening, the Fashion Shows began. I had the absolute pleasure to stay at the W South Beach which was Swim Week central, and there was a lot of fashion eye candy. The runway was full of it too! In San Diego, you can wear flip flops almost year round and just about anywhere, but in Miami, heels are the footwear of choice and I had a great time checking out all of the stylish shoes. Even the models strutting in the amazing swimwear, wore them and looked six feet tall (and probably were!). The extra height a sexy pair of heels gives will also boost your confidence since they force you into having better posture and did I mention the bonus booty lift?!?

Nine West 'Bonjorno' Platform Sandal (Women) (Online Only)
Dinner at 10 means Dancing by 12:

Much like its West Coast counterpart, Las Vegas, the night only ends in Miami when the sun comes up or when you do. My advice, stick it out till last call. Clubs like Liv and Story don’t even get going until after midnight, leaving you plenty of time to change into your killer outfit that will take you from dinner to dancing. A fun dress accessorized with the lots of bling and a cute clutch is the perfect look for an exciting night out . Wearing a hot little dress to dinner while noshing at Nobu (the yellowtail sashimi is to die for!) will keep you from eating yourself into food coma and being tempted to just call it a night with an in room movie and eye mask. Don’t do it! You can sleep when you get home, ladies! Keep the eye mask handy though. You will need it when you crawl into the comfy bed in your cool room at 5am and don’t forget to take off your dress first.

Parker dress
Sparkle all night in this Parker dress
Glam & Sassy bling bracelet
Own your arm candy
Fena clutch
Clutch this fabulous bag from Fena

Where to Get It Guide:

Babajaan Jackie Bamboo Bikini

Nine West Bonjorno Platform Heels

Parker Elva Dress

Ice Queen Bracelet

feNa Triumphant Clutch