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Birthday Celebration

Hello Glam & Sassy loves! October is my absolute favorite month. As soon as Starbucks posts Pumpkin Spice everything on the menu board, I am ready to pull out my Uggs, light candles that smell like I baked an apple pie, and pretend it is actually fall weather outside in Southern California. The other and REAL reason I love October, is it is my birthday month!  (Insert whoo hoo!)  This year I had the best birthday ever!  Perhaps one of the most important outfit decisions we make every year is what to wear to the celebration of our special day. To my fellow Libras out there, you know how indecisive we can be at times, needing to weigh all the options, and before you know it, the aftermath is a stack of clothes on the bed. It is well worth it, however,  when you show up to your party looking this Glam & Sassy.

Nothing II Wear:

Isn’t it funny how we complain we need more closet space for our clothes and are also convinced we have nothing to wear?  Interestingly enough, there is a boutique in La Jolla, CA that is named after this phenomenon. Owner and clothing designer, Summer Albertsen, dresses southern California ladies and the fashionistas who visit our coastal town in the best designers, including her own label, Elizabeth Estaire. Don’t worry if you don’t get to La Jolla because you can check her store out online ! It was at her shop that I found my perfect anchor piece for my birthday outfit. These red jacquard lace shorts are a must have! The pop of color was a nice change from all black and were a fun and flirty alternative to my go to jeans or a dress.  They also allowed me to twirl around on the dancefloor without concern of giving any peep shows. Make sure to rock these fabulous shorts with sky high heels for a look that elongates!


My Birthday Suit:

I styled my jacquard shorts with a black bustier that I got at Nordstrom. I love the design detail of a chiffon neckline that shows just the right amount of sexy without being trashy. The fabric stretches and it zips up the back. It is not an ideal top to get out of by yourself so I made sure that wasn’t going to be an issue (wink wink)   Relax!!!  I was staying at my bff’s so I knew I would have assistance at the end of the night…especially when the end of the night is actually the next morning. Party girl problems.



Libra Love:

It was such an amazing birthday as I mentioned thanks to my bestie who also happens to be my Social & Digital Media Manager, Robyn Balliet, owner of robynballiet.com . She has done an incredible job in building brand awareness, increasing my followers, thus increasing my sales.  From the moment I arrived at her door in Beverly Hills, she had balloons, flowers, gifts, champs, cake with a sparkler for a candle, dinner plans and dancing with the rest of our crew. And this went on for THREE days! It was so much fun and you can check out more fun pics on my IG account (Instagram.com/glamandsassy ) and follow Robyn at ( Instagram.com/robynballiet).  I was 100% spoiled and I loved every minute of it! So a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of you lovely, loyal, charming and charismatic Libras! I hope you had a wonderful bday too and let’s make it most Glam & Sassy year ever!







Fringe Benefits

Fun and Flirty Fringe Handbag
Fun and Flirty Fringe Handbag
I love fringe and was so excited to see this super fun and flirty trend still around this season! Maybe I love it because I enjoy dancing and this fantastic addition to a skirt, dress or handbag adds movement and flair. It catches the eye and makes a statement that says “I am sexy and cool with a touch of a free-spirit.”

This handbag is now my new every day fave. I carry it around town proudly and run my fingers through it occasionally to keep the long, luscious, genuine leather strands swinging freely about. Who needs a hair flip and a giggle when you have fringe and a smile? Grab one of these fabulous bags and watch how much more fun you have being Glam & Sassy!

Craving Something New


Sapphire Princess
Sapphire Princess


Satisfying Sparkle
Satisfying Sparkle
Flirty Fix
Flirty Fix

Here we are three weeks into 2014.  The celebrations and resolutions are almost long forgotten, but every year at this time, I crave something new…whether that is a new accomplishment, relationship or experience,  just to make sure the current year far surpasses the previous one.  It’s a crazy cycle,  but one that keeps me moving forward and progressing, so it’s actually a good thing

The same goes for my wardrobe.  I have many pieces that I love to wear, cannot wait to wear, and feel oh-so-fabulous when I wear, but isn’t there always room for something to out do even those favorite looks?  As a stylist and owner of Glam & Sassy, I realize I have an unfair advantage as I get my retail therapy in the form of a legit business buying trip (aka SHOPPING), but the good news is, my clients also benefit from it too!    These are the newest items I added to my assortment of goodies in order to get my fix for something new this January.  A word of advice to my clients…hurry and get them now before they ALL end up in MY closet!

Ready for Romance

Ready for Romance
Ready for Romance




I was bubbling with excitement when I was asked to style the cast of the new reality show, The Romance! Basically, I just had to put together outfits for the ladies to wear on their dates with their possible future love interest. Should be easy, right? Well, any girl who has had to find the perfect outfit for an exciting first date knows that usually entails trying on lots of possible options, looking in the mirror to check out all angles, and an inevitable pile of dresses, shoes, and accessories strewn about in the process. But, as any Glam & Sassy girl does, I was up for the challenge and nailed it! The ladies loved their Glam & Sassy dresses, jewelry and handbags and they all looked absolutely gorgeous! When we look good, we feel even better, and it is all about walking into a room with lots of sparkle…which is not only stacked on our wrists and necklines, but on the inside as well! These cast members definitely had both! Check out the pics of some of the cast at our shoot on Saturday and remember to always wear YOUR best sparkle!

Handbag Obsession

Yes, I have an obsession. Like most ladies, I can’t seem to have enough handbags. Instead of trying to figure out why that is, I think we should all agree to accept it and move on.   When I buy for Glam & Sassy, I think about what I crave when I choose a bag to complete any look.  From classic and structured, to blingy and attention getting, and, of course, a fabulous clutch that says, “I am here to have fun and all I need is my ID and my lip gloss”!  Check out these latest styles that I am currently in need of therapy over!