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The Non-Negotiables

Hello Glam & Sassy loves!  As we gain experience in life, we discover things we need to be happy.  This is true of relationships, careers, and hobbies. It is also the case in our wardrobes. No self respecting woman would settle for anything less than a closet containing certain key pieces.  In defining the non-negotiables/ essentials/ must have’s…they are items that are high in quality, versatile, and long lasting. Commitment-phobes need not continue to read because it only makes sense to invest if the plan is to keep them around for while.  Now that you  have gotten rid of those things in your closet that have been taking up space since reading my last blog, Breaking Up, you are ready to replace with clothing that is actually worthy of you.

The Perfect Partner:

For those of you who remember the movie, Jerry McGuire, the line “You complete me” had ladies swooning.  Are you looking for YOUR perfect missing piece? I suggest something versatile enough to wear as a power suit with pants, a classic look with a skirt, or casual with jeans. A perfectly proportioned jacket with a flattering cut and beautiful fabric will check all these boxes.  If your budget allows you to invest in only one, then black is the obvious choice for a polished look.  Since you will want to wear it year round, choose a cotton/ viscose blend that won’t be too hot in the summer and the bonus is this fabric also travels well and who doesn’t love to travel!  I am obsessed with this Tonal Mini Jacquard jacket from W by Worth.  With it’s subtle sheen, it is sure to outshine the rest.


Trade Up:

I am going to skip the LBD as I feel it is safe to assume we all have at least two, and if we are being honest, the actual number is the that times three. So before you allow yourself to be tempted by yet another, go for something you will wear again and again, a little white dress.  A white dress for spring and summer is so fresh and bold. It will definitely stand out among the sea of black.  Accessories will change the look from day to evening , as will shoes. Stop the insanity of being attracted to something similar to what you just purged from your life, and go with the complete opposite. It will be a refreshing change and you will love the stretch in this cotton denim dress as show off your new look.


Head Turner:

Another must have, at least for me, is attraction.  This is a non-negotiable for sure! Call me shallow, but I crave anything that is appealing to the eye. What is the point of getting dressed, if your outfit doesn’t turn a few heads? Novelty prints and basic silhouettes are fine, but to up your wow factor, experimentation is key. Try one of this season’s trends, off the shoulder tops. So soft. So sexy. So easy to style with jeans, joggers, or shorts.  Slip into one before you slip out the door and just watch what happens when you look Glam & Sassy .


Click it and Get it Guide:

W by Worth Jacket

W by Worth Dress

W by Worth Top





Make a Move

With my vast years of life experience, let’s just say 32 and be done with it haha, I have found that if I want something bad enough, I have to go after it. Life is not about sitting around and waiting for things you hope will happen to happen. Recently, I have been in the process of changing the direction of my business and focusing on blogging about all that is Glam & Sassy. Thank you for reading and engaging BTW! That said, my current town of La Jolla, as beautiful as it is, may no longer be the right place for me.  I am spending more time in LA and enjoying all of the fabulous energy and fashion in the City of Angels. Here are some of the places I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying and some great pieces we should all have in our closets no matter where we live and love.

History Repeating:

One of the most iconic hotels for old and new Hollywood glam is the Beverly Hills Hotel. It is known as the “Pink Palace”. I can’t think of anything more Glam & Sassy than that!  I chose a casual but stylish outfit to wear while strolling around the grounds and you know I had to stop and enjoy a glass of champs at the Cabana Café. I love this super cute Vince dress that you can get on sale at Nordstrom.com. This relaxed shirtdress style is perfect for dining al fresco, yet chic enough to be seen inside the resort browsing and making new friends which is a trait we Glam & Sassy girls all share 🙂

Vince Drawstring Shirtdress
Make Memories in this Unforgettable Casual Dress

 Reoccurring Feelings:

Some things in life can spark such a thrill! Remember the excitement of a first kiss, a new car, and, well, every time you go shopping ?!?  There are many great shopping venues but there is nothing like the feeling of strolling down Rodeo Drive.  For an afternoon of shopping till you drop, I prefer the very on trend flare jean paired with a striped tunic. Have you ever tried to try on tops when you are in a dress and realize you really need to have pants on to appreciate how it is going to look and make sure it doesn’t cover your best ASSet? No? Just me? Awkward….

7 for all Mankind jeans
Get some Flare for Fall
Splendid stripe tunic
This tunic is absolutely Splendid

Body and Soul Connection:

Working out is a must. And there is nothing better than new workout clothes to motivate you to move.  As a member of one of the hottest health clubs, Equinox, looking good is as important as feeling good. But no matter where you choose to burn off some calories, do so in something comfortable and functional. (I think functionable should be a word. You guys would know what I meant, right?) It is worth the splurge on athletic pants that accentuate and whisk away moisture aka sweat. Black is best because I can mix and match different colored tops. Besides, if I am spending this much on “yoga” pants. you can be sure I will also be wearing them running errands in my new town…and still look Glam & Sassy.

Click It and Get It Guide:

Vince Drawstring Dress

7 for all Mankind A Pocket Flare Jean

Splendid Stripe Tunic

Lorna Jane Sandrine 7/8 Tights

Cheers to Spring!

This calls for a Toast!
This calls for a Toast!
It is officially Spring! Time to shed heavy layers, open your windows, and be on the lookout for trees and flowers in bloom! Not quite there yet, east coast? Well, I am great at faking it and so can you! Lighten up your wardrobe…both fabrics and colors… and before you know it, you’ll have yourself believing spring has really come.

I LOVE buying for my Glam & Sassy collection and clients for this season. There is a plethora of pretty prints and flowy fabrics. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color! This is the perfect time to do it. Mix and match them too! You will look very trendy in sterling blue skinny jeans paired with a coral top so be bold and try something new! Find two colors that look great on you and then pull the look together with accessories in both colors. Now don’t you feel warmer already??? I’ll drink to that!

Accessorizing 101

Make a Statement!
Make a Statement!
One Size Does Not Fit All
One Size Does Not Fit All
When it comes to accessorizing, many women stay within their comfort zone of wearing the same piece with every outfit (we all have that gold chain with the dainty charm that makes us feel dressed up), or skip it all together. There is nothing wrong with either of these, expect that breaking away from your old stand-by certainly will add more fun and excitement your look. Before deciding that you and your 18 inch heart charm necklace are just fine, review these 5 tips and you just might realize you have more to express than you thought!

1) Ears or Neck: The key to accessorizing is to start with your statement pieces and then build from there. If you like long, dangling earrings, keep your neckline simple. Prefer to rock this season’s chunky necklace trend? Pair with matching, but small, earrings.
2) Arm Candy: Bracelets are so much fun and a must have accessory! Stacking bracelets is a great way to add sparkle to any look. Choose 3 or more of your favorite ones and don’t be afraid to mix and match.
3) Put a Ring on It: Fashion jewelry is all about expressing yourself! Expandable statement rings fit any finger and add that extra touch of attitude and boldness. In order to look balanced, wear the ring on the opposite hand as your stacked bracelets.
4) Handbag Obsession: No look is complete without a cute handbag! There are so many sizes and styles to choose from, but the key is to choose a bag that is comfortable and fits what you need wherever you are going. Headed out for the day with kids or the girls? A crossbody bag will give your hands the freedom they need to be active. Date night? A small clutch will pull your look together and be just big enough to fit your essentials (ID, lipstick, phone, done!).
5) Never Leave Home Without It: Your smile! It’s always your best accessory, ladies!

Letting Go

More Fun with a Friend!
More Fun with a Friend!
Spring Fling
Spring Fling
March is here! For those of you not living in the part of the country that is winter-less, I know you are rejoicing at another turn of the calender page! Before moving to San Diego, I remember March being the light at the end of a very cold, very snowy, tunnel. It is also a great time to refresh our closets and get rid of the things we hadn’t worn since the Nor’easter of ’03. But for those of you who have trouble “letting go”, as I admittedly sometimes do, here are a few guidelines.

1) Team up! If it is too painful to watch your first button down that was there for you through every job interview and fave go-to date dress, end up in the Goodwill bag, enlist a friend or two for moral support. Pop some champagne and make it a party!

2)Leave the past in the past! Still clinging on to that comfy sweatshirt that you acquired from your ex? Get rid of it! Out with the old, in with the new! (that goes for the guy too!)

3) The 1-2 year rule! We have all heard that if you haven’t worn something in 1-2 years, that it is time to recycle it, and I agree. However, there are a few exceptions such as a treasured couture piece that one day will be trendy because it is borderline “vintage”. Also, I strongly believe you can keep one article of clothing that you wore in college that still fits. Bragging rights, ladies. Bragging rights!

4) Alter it! People may not change, but clothes can! (yet another reason I love fashion)! If there is anything taking up valuable real estate in your closet that you are not wearing because it does not fit properly, get it altered. A good tailor can shorten, take in, nip, tuck…oh wait, that’s a good surgeon and I’ll save that for another blog, but you get the idea!

5)Work with a stylist! Speaking from experience, if you let us do our job without getting you feelings hurt when we tell you “those baggy pants with the pinstripes have got to go!” you will have a closet full of clothes you actually wear and enjoy and isn’t that that point of fashion and being Glam & Sassy?

24 hrs in Vegas

Glam & Sassy Girls in Glam & Sassy Dresses!
Glam & Sassy Girls in Glam & Sassy Dresses!
Hopped on a flight to see Britney “Piece of Me” on Saturday to Vegas, which is the equivalent of a party bus in the air…thank YOU, SWA! I am a big fan of the ease in which you can go from So-Cal to Sin City in an hour. So much better than driving the 4+ hours AND you can start cocktailing it up before you even arrive! Packing for a fun-filled 24 hours is also a breeze! Just follow these style tips and you’ll be ready for anything you want to do in this city that sparkles!

1) What to wear on the plane: skinny stretch jeans,sexy top, wedge sandals. This outfit will be both cute and comfortable for the flight and the arrival at your hotel. You want to be ready to hit the Strip/Casino/Forum Shops right after you claim your bed and marvel at the ginormous bathroom in your room!

1a) If it is pool weather, make sure you have a bikini and cover-up, albeit skimpy, at close reach so you don’t miss any of the good sun…and eye candy. I suggest throwing this in your handbag so you don’t even have to waste time unpacking.

2) What to wear to dinner/concert/club: A dress is ALWAYS the answer. Here’s why. Although the Bellagio looks close to the Wynn, it isn’t. And certainly not in the 6 inch heels I know you brought to look hot, elongate your legs and lift your butt! Therefore, a dress will take you from sushi at Tao to Britney to wherever you end up dancing till 5am.

3) What to wear to bed: This is a personal choice, but, for argument’s sake, let’s just say PJ’s and leave it at that.

4) What to wear the next morning/flight home: Jeans, colorful t-shirt and flip flops. Trust me on this one, your feet will thank you and you really won’t be able to force your throbbing toes into any kind of structured shoe after last night’s dance marathon…that is if you were even able to pry them off before bed. Oh, and definitely wear sunglasses! The flight home from Vegas is the one time it is totally acceptable to don sunglasses indoors without looking like a tool. They will hide the evidence of lack of sleep and dehydration and also help you catch 45 minutes of z’s before you touch down back to reality.

Be Mine.

Arm Candy
Arm Candy

Three's More Fun
Three’s More Fun
After all of the Valentine’s Day candy is gone (now a workout is much needed) and the flowers have lost their petals, the one thing that is still bringing a smile to my face is my new sparkle! Yes, he DID get me the kind we refer to as a “girl’s best friend”, but to the shiny stacked bracelets on my wrists will I always be true.

I love the look of a bunch of bangles or bracelets wide and narrow layered from my wrist to my elbow. Ok, maybe not that many, but certainly a threesome is so much more fun than only one or two. Ladies, you can OWN this look and have fun experimenting with what brings you the most pleasure. My preferences are crystals, crystals and more crystals. I want to shimmer and sparkle everyday, otherwise, what is the point? This trend works with everything…from denim to a dress! Not sure where to begin? Choose ones that allow you to express yourself and that you are attracted to. The best part is, you can enjoy them all and all at once! Go ahead and indulge yourself…and you won’t even have to log hours in the gym afterwards. Just bask in your shiny glow!