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Breaking Up

Hello Glam & Sassy loves!  We have all been through it. The dreaded break up.  Whether you were the break up-er or the break up-ee, it is never easy at the time.  Luckily, we eventually get over it and it makes for a good story at parties.  My worst break up was the equivalent to the episode of Sex and the City when Berger breaks up with Carrie on a Post It note. However, instead of a post it, mine was via text. At 8am. Right before I was boarding a flight from CA to NJ. So not only was I devastated by the blindsided dumping, I also had to suffer in silence on a 5 1/2 hour flight as to not have my row mates think I was some crazy chick AND with no communication to the outside world.  I mean, if there is ever a time a girl needs to cry to her bff or get anti heartbreak advice from  mom, this was it. It was so awful at the time, but now, I laugh about how pathetic it was and here I am blogging about it!  Just as relationships reach their expiration date, so do some items in our closets.  Keep reading for a few looks that are ready to be kicked to the curb.

Gray Area:

In our closets, much like relationships, there shouldn’t be any unknowns.  If you are wondering if a particular top has seen better days, then it is probably time to retire it.  Also, if any formerly white tees or tanks are looking dull, please replace with a crisp new version.  Anything that has lost its luster just isn’t worth taking up valuable real estate in your closet. I love this poly peach tank from W by Worth styled with destructed denim and wedges. The fabric feels so amazing on my skin and the color is “Optic White” with a brightness that shines!

Finding the perfect match is reason to celebrate!

Sole Mates:

Sometimes in life, no matter hard you try to repair something, after a while you realize you just have to bid it adieu. The same goes for shoes. If heels are worn down or soles are scuffed beyond their red recognition, to the goodwill they must go. I know it is difficult when you are so attached and they are oh so comfortable, but comfort isn’t reason enough to keep something in your life.  And who knows, your old footwear faves may find a new owner that is happy with them.  See, you did something good for someone else and now you have an excuse to bring home the ones you have been eying up for weeks now. My all time favorite shoe is the YSL Tribute .  They are perfect with everything from denim to dresses, desk to dancing. As every mate should be.

YSL shoe porn

Use it or Lose It:

The rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn something in a year, the chances that you ever will are slim. The reasoning behind this is, if it made you happy, you would’ve enjoyed showing it off by now. Life is too short to waste time thumbing through your closet through undesirable clothes.  To avoid this in the future, purchase investment pieces…classically chic fashions that are made well and that you will be able to wear year after year.  Some basic must haves are a versatile blazer, an all occasion dress, and flirty top to style with your favorite jeans.  Stay tuned next week for my blog on those essential items. Breaking up is hard, but looking Glam & Sassy is the reward… and the best revenge.

Kiss my Glam & Sassy!









If the Shoe Fits

It is officially autumn. Time for shorter days, wearing layers, and pumpkin spice…everything! Even though the season has changed on the calendar, the temps are still warm in most places.  My clients from the east coast and the west coast are asking me the same question…”Do we have to put away our sandals until spring and wear boots even though it still feels like summer?” Without hesitation, I tell them, no.

Living in Southern California, I can pretty much wear sandals and open toe heels year round. (Note: I was careful to time this blog before some of you find yourselves buried and snow and hating me for that statement!)  This year, the peep toe bootie is on trend and going strong.  Ladies, these are a MUST have so if you do not yet own, do not delay! Unlike that cozy blanket wrap you purchased when the stores starting carrying Fall 2015 in July, you can start wearing these booties now! I mean, right out of the store if you so desire! (I have done this. Many times. Don’t laugh.)

Here are my two style selections depending on your bootie budget (and I don’t mean working out with a personal trainer) . Let’s start with the splurge because let’s face it, fantasizing is so exciting!  At $425, this suede perforated style from Pedro Garcia is edgy and fun! If you live in a warmer climate, I can help you justify this purchase.  It is the Glam & Sassy version of creative accounting, if you will.  Just estimate how many times you will rock these beauties by the cost and the answer is you can’t afford NOT to buy them!  See how GOOD I am at math haha!

Pedro Garcia 'Sylvana' Perforated Suede Peep Toe Bootie (Women)
We all want fabulous booties!
Show off your sexy booties with your fave jeans!

This version by Zara (above)  is equally sexy and chic.  The leather will be more durable than the suede and you won’t have to cut back on your Pumpkin latte budget in order to afford them.  Why give up one Fall pleasure for another?  Which ones do you Glam & Sassy girls like better? I’d love to hear from you!

Click It and Get It Guide:

Pedro Garcia Peep Toe Bootie

Zara Ankle Boots

The Lust List

I was just in Vegas.  I ABSOLUTELY love Vegas and  I do not even gamble!  Sin City offers so much excitement to any Glam & Sassy girl like me (and you since you are reading this)…the beautiful hotels, the spas, the nightclubs and of course, the shopping!  As I was walking thru The Shops at Crystals, love the name btw, I was tempted by all of my lovers…Louis, Jimmy, Christian just to name a few.  I almost made it safely to my destination, The Mandarin Oriental, before my eyes wandered into the Saint Laurent boutique and my feet soon followed.  I was greeted by a very friendly sales associate who saw me smiling at the array of  sexy heels and picking each one up so delicately like a precious  gem. The next thing I know, my boyfriend, who is my shopping soul mate, finds this fabulous clutch and encourages me to touch it, feel it, hold it. It was lust at first sight.  I decide the clutch is a must have and I quickly forget about my forever LV obsession where my hard earned money has been spent over the years.  I also strut out with a pair of heels in nude so that they go with everything ( truth be told, I already own them in black patent and pink, of course) and the credit card is swiped before I could talk myself out of the purchases.  But with two haute/hot styles like these, why the heck would I EVER do that?  Just live the Glam & Sassy life, ladies!

YSL black clutch
YSL “The L stands for Lust” monogram chain wallet
YSL nude heels
Saint Laurent Classic Tribute Sandal