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If the Shoe Fits

It is officially autumn. Time for shorter days, wearing layers, and pumpkin spice…everything! Even though the season has changed on the calendar, the temps are still warm in most places.  My clients from the east coast and the west coast are asking me the same question…”Do we have to put away our sandals until spring and wear boots even though it still feels like summer?” Without hesitation, I tell them, no.

Living in Southern California, I can pretty much wear sandals and open toe heels year round. (Note: I was careful to time this blog before some of you find yourselves buried and snow and hating me for that statement!)  This year, the peep toe bootie is on trend and going strong.  Ladies, these are a MUST have so if you do not yet own, do not delay! Unlike that cozy blanket wrap you purchased when the stores starting carrying Fall 2015 in July, you can start wearing these booties now! I mean, right out of the store if you so desire! (I have done this. Many times. Don’t laugh.)

Here are my two style selections depending on your bootie budget (and I don’t mean working out with a personal trainer) . Let’s start with the splurge because let’s face it, fantasizing is so exciting!  At $425, this suede perforated style from Pedro Garcia is edgy and fun! If you live in a warmer climate, I can help you justify this purchase.  It is the Glam & Sassy version of creative accounting, if you will.  Just estimate how many times you will rock these beauties by the cost and the answer is you can’t afford NOT to buy them!  See how GOOD I am at math haha!

Pedro Garcia 'Sylvana' Perforated Suede Peep Toe Bootie (Women)
We all want fabulous booties!
Show off your sexy booties with your fave jeans!

This version by Zara (above)  is equally sexy and chic.  The leather will be more durable than the suede and you won’t have to cut back on your Pumpkin latte budget in order to afford them.  Why give up one Fall pleasure for another?  Which ones do you Glam & Sassy girls like better? I’d love to hear from you!

Click It and Get It Guide:

Pedro Garcia Peep Toe Bootie

Zara Ankle Boots


Own It

We all  have our own personal style.  It is a reflection of our personality.  Our style is our visual message to the world( and sometimes it is actually a written message on our top which is very on trend right now)! Our style may change as we do or our lifestyle does, but it is present everywhere we go. So we may as well own it.

When we own our look, we can walk into a room full of strangers with confidence and grace.  We can boldly approach people with a smile and a friendly introduction. Whatever your style, always make sure to have proper fitting clothing even if that means getting it tailored.  If certain situations make you a little anxious, the last thing you want to be is fidgeting in your outfit! If it is a casual gathering, I choose an outfit like a pair of my fave jeans that make my butt look good  (we all check it out, so let’s just get it out in the open!), a novelty top , comfy but CUTE shoes, and my accessories du jour.  Heading out to a fancier affair? A darling dress is always appropriate.  The key is to choose one that you still feel like you when you wear it. Be true to your authentic self.  Do not settle for anything that doesn’t feel quite right.  If you find you are talking yourself into it, then run, don’t walk, out of the fitting room and get back out there! You’re perfect match awaits! You will know when you find it.  Sometimes you have to try a lot of different styles until you find the one that fits.  Once you do, future outfit selections become easier because you now know what you like… and what you don’t.  Embrace your style and wear it proudly. And always feel Glam & Sassy.

Loving this "Novel-T" from glamandsassy.com


The Perfect Finish

It’s almost time. You said you would be ready in 10 minutes and that was 32 minutes ago. Sound familiar to anyone? This is pretty much me every time I have to leave the house. I don’t consider myself high maintenance, because overall, I can go from gritty to glam in a reasonable amount of time. However, there are those last few finishing touches that, if I am unsure of what exactly I am searching for, can prolong my routine. I gave it some thought and wanted to share with you, my fellow glaministas, a few of my go-to styling tips to complete your almost there outfit.

Go Bare:

Ironically, one of the things you can do is take something off. Tastefully showing some skin can amp up the head turning factor of your look. I abide by the general rule of showing off only one area of the body.  If my skirt or dress is not leaving much to the imagination, then I keep the girls covered. I love a halter top style dress because it is flattering on any cup size while baring those sexy shoulders we work so hard for in the gym. I will let you in on another little secret. My bare legs aren’t really bare at all. No, I am not talking tights or worse, hose, but body bronzer applied over smooth legs, gives the illusion that you actually had time for a vacay this summer, not to mention we look sexier when we are glowing.

Adelyn Rae Cage Back Chiffon Fit & Flare Dress

Get Tied Up:

I have long hair and I love it. I really love it when I am traveling to a dry climate like Las Vegas where my hair is always smooth, always straight, always perfect. But my lifestyle also takes me places where the humidity is like 1000 percent and then my adored brunette locks become the biggest time suck in the history of getting ready. When I feel like grabbing a clippers and shaving it like Brit in 2007, I calmly reach for my trusty drugstore hair tie instead. Aren’t we so glad ponies are in, ladies? Whether you like it tied high or low, in the back, or on the side, I say throw your hands up, pull your hair back, add styling product and you are now that much closer to finishing.


Out with a Bang:

Repeat after me. Never leave the house without accessories. It saddens me when I style clients and they say they don’t wear jewelry because they don’t know how. When did accessorizing become rocket science? God gave us two ears so we could wear fabulous earrings. He also gave us 10 fingers so please put a ring on at least two of them. Arms are for, you guessed it, arm candy, and it is always more fun to play with more than one so stack ‘em. As far as the gold vs silver debate….both are on trend so it is really a matter of preference, and yes, you absolutely can mix the metals. Still unsure? Go for sparkle and rock out with your bling out. I think of jewels as a form of self-expression. How much you wear depends on how loud you want your statement to be. I like to turn my volume way up….so I can always be Glam & Sassy.



Click it and Get it Guide:

Adelyn Rae Halter Dress

Victoria’s Secret All Over Bronzing Stick

Bumble and Bumble Holding Spray

Glam & Sassy I’m Hooked on You Earrings

Glam & Sassy Sweet Thing Ring

Glam & Sassy Addicted to Gold Bracelet

Make a Move

With my vast years of life experience, let’s just say 32 and be done with it haha, I have found that if I want something bad enough, I have to go after it. Life is not about sitting around and waiting for things you hope will happen to happen. Recently, I have been in the process of changing the direction of my business and focusing on blogging about all that is Glam & Sassy. Thank you for reading and engaging BTW! That said, my current town of La Jolla, as beautiful as it is, may no longer be the right place for me.  I am spending more time in LA and enjoying all of the fabulous energy and fashion in the City of Angels. Here are some of the places I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying and some great pieces we should all have in our closets no matter where we live and love.

History Repeating:

One of the most iconic hotels for old and new Hollywood glam is the Beverly Hills Hotel. It is known as the “Pink Palace”. I can’t think of anything more Glam & Sassy than that!  I chose a casual but stylish outfit to wear while strolling around the grounds and you know I had to stop and enjoy a glass of champs at the Cabana Café. I love this super cute Vince dress that you can get on sale at Nordstrom.com. This relaxed shirtdress style is perfect for dining al fresco, yet chic enough to be seen inside the resort browsing and making new friends which is a trait we Glam & Sassy girls all share 🙂

Vince Drawstring Shirtdress
Make Memories in this Unforgettable Casual Dress

 Reoccurring Feelings:

Some things in life can spark such a thrill! Remember the excitement of a first kiss, a new car, and, well, every time you go shopping ?!?  There are many great shopping venues but there is nothing like the feeling of strolling down Rodeo Drive.  For an afternoon of shopping till you drop, I prefer the very on trend flare jean paired with a striped tunic. Have you ever tried to try on tops when you are in a dress and realize you really need to have pants on to appreciate how it is going to look and make sure it doesn’t cover your best ASSet? No? Just me? Awkward….

7 for all Mankind jeans
Get some Flare for Fall
Splendid stripe tunic
This tunic is absolutely Splendid

Body and Soul Connection:

Working out is a must. And there is nothing better than new workout clothes to motivate you to move.  As a member of one of the hottest health clubs, Equinox, looking good is as important as feeling good. But no matter where you choose to burn off some calories, do so in something comfortable and functional. (I think functionable should be a word. You guys would know what I meant, right?) It is worth the splurge on athletic pants that accentuate and whisk away moisture aka sweat. Black is best because I can mix and match different colored tops. Besides, if I am spending this much on “yoga” pants. you can be sure I will also be wearing them running errands in my new town…and still look Glam & Sassy.

Click It and Get It Guide:

Vince Drawstring Dress

7 for all Mankind A Pocket Flare Jean

Splendid Stripe Tunic

Lorna Jane Sandrine 7/8 Tights

Last Chance

Did summer absolutely fly by or is it just me who incorrectly still thinks there is plenty of time to work on my tan and spend that one whole weekend I promised myself at the beach?  For my East Coast peeps, I really feel for you.  I remember all too well that the end of August meant my fave season of open windows and trips to the shore wouldn’t be back for 9 long, hard months. At least here in Southern California, the summer weather will continue well into October, but that carefree summer vibe is already slipping away.  Luckily, we still have Labor Day weekend to squeeze in as many summer activities as possible in 3 fun-filled days.  Here are a few of my style tips and must haves for this farewell to summer.

White Hot:

There is nothing sexier than a Glam & Sassy girl in white jeans or dress…or so I’m  told:)  I am not saying that after Labor Day you have to pack your white away because no one under the age of 70 thinks like that anymore.  White has an assumed innocence about it which is why it is so hot, especially if that is a bit of an oxymoron for you as it is for me!  Either way, there is nothing more carefree than  a flowy white dress that you can wear to a picnic or a party.  I am going to style mine with sandals for day and chunky boots for night.  Dare to experiment! Give cowboy boots a whirl and have fun two- stepping around town.

white dress urban outfitters
Angel (or devil???) in white
These boots were made for twirlin

Blow It:

You know what I really will miss about summer? My beachy waves.  I don’t surf, but I live close to the ocean, so on the days it is too steamy to straighten, I could always get away with loose, piecy curls with an “I just got off my board” or…you know that OTHER fun activity that messes up our luscious locks (insert winkey emoji with tongue sticking out haha)!  Either way, it is easy, sexy and totally acceptable.  So you know I will be rocking it this weekend one last time! The key is a great styling product and only partly blow drying. Don’t be afraid to get rough and use your fingers to get the desired effect.  I prefer using a spray to better control how much comes out so I don’t end up with a mess in my hands.  But my number one deciding factor on what to use on my hair is how good it smells.  You’re welcome dudes standing waaaay too close to me at the bar.

It’s like beach in a bottle.

Hold On Tight:

As summer winds downs, I plan on cramming as much into this weekend as possible.  This kind of social marathon requires a fashionable tote that will keep all of the necessities I need to bounce from pool to party and beach to bbq.  Sunglasses, sunscreen, teeny bikini…check, check and check!  I like this nylon one available at Nordstrom because it is durable and easy to clean in case someone, not me of course, spills a drink nearby and the neutral color goes with everything.   Hey, something as good as summer only comes around once a year. Don’t miss out on this last weekend to do something really fun and to be Glam & Sassy!

Big Buddha Nylon Tote


Click it and Get it Guide:

Urban Outfitters Flowy Midi Dress

Justin Turquoise Boots

Fekkai Beach Waves Tousling Spray

Big Buddha Nylon Tote

Cheers to Spring!

This calls for a Toast!
This calls for a Toast!
It is officially Spring! Time to shed heavy layers, open your windows, and be on the lookout for trees and flowers in bloom! Not quite there yet, east coast? Well, I am great at faking it and so can you! Lighten up your wardrobe…both fabrics and colors… and before you know it, you’ll have yourself believing spring has really come.

I LOVE buying for my Glam & Sassy collection and clients for this season. There is a plethora of pretty prints and flowy fabrics. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color! This is the perfect time to do it. Mix and match them too! You will look very trendy in sterling blue skinny jeans paired with a coral top so be bold and try something new! Find two colors that look great on you and then pull the look together with accessories in both colors. Now don’t you feel warmer already??? I’ll drink to that!

Letting Go

More Fun with a Friend!
More Fun with a Friend!
Spring Fling
Spring Fling
March is here! For those of you not living in the part of the country that is winter-less, I know you are rejoicing at another turn of the calender page! Before moving to San Diego, I remember March being the light at the end of a very cold, very snowy, tunnel. It is also a great time to refresh our closets and get rid of the things we hadn’t worn since the Nor’easter of ’03. But for those of you who have trouble “letting go”, as I admittedly sometimes do, here are a few guidelines.

1) Team up! If it is too painful to watch your first button down that was there for you through every job interview and fave go-to date dress, end up in the Goodwill bag, enlist a friend or two for moral support. Pop some champagne and make it a party!

2)Leave the past in the past! Still clinging on to that comfy sweatshirt that you acquired from your ex? Get rid of it! Out with the old, in with the new! (that goes for the guy too!)

3) The 1-2 year rule! We have all heard that if you haven’t worn something in 1-2 years, that it is time to recycle it, and I agree. However, there are a few exceptions such as a treasured couture piece that one day will be trendy because it is borderline “vintage”. Also, I strongly believe you can keep one article of clothing that you wore in college that still fits. Bragging rights, ladies. Bragging rights!

4) Alter it! People may not change, but clothes can! (yet another reason I love fashion)! If there is anything taking up valuable real estate in your closet that you are not wearing because it does not fit properly, get it altered. A good tailor can shorten, take in, nip, tuck…oh wait, that’s a good surgeon and I’ll save that for another blog, but you get the idea!

5)Work with a stylist! Speaking from experience, if you let us do our job without getting you feelings hurt when we tell you “those baggy pants with the pinstripes have got to go!” you will have a closet full of clothes you actually wear and enjoy and isn’t that that point of fashion and being Glam & Sassy?