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Summer Love

Hello Glam & Sassy loves! Summer is, without a doubt, my favorite season.  I live in southern California where we enjoy summer almost year round and I purposely landed on the coast when I moved here. Give me sun, give me water, give me seventy degrees every day and I am one happy camper…or “glamper” since these well manicured hands have never pitched a tent. The best thing about summer fashion is one piece dressing. It is easy and effortless the way it should be when something is right.  Here are three of my must have outfits for this season that I love.

A Quick Romp:

The romper is the rebel sister of the sundress. It is bold, fun, flirty and sexy…sounds like the perfect catch to me. And let’s talk summer color, shall we?  Nothing is better than a bright burst of hot pink!  It just seems to scream “let’s party!”As I am writing this, I realized I just described myself, so I think I better buy this one from Adelyn Rae at my happy place, Nordstrom! It is so me and it is so perfect for an afternoon summer soirée !

Adelyn Rae Lace Romper

Hands on Skin:

This wouldn’t be the sexiest season of the year if we didn’t bare our bodies. That’s the reason for hitting the gym on the reg so slip into a sundress that shows off those shoulders, girl.  Lucky for us, Off the Shoulder is trending now and it is trending hard.  I love this dee elle dress and would style it for both day and evening  by changing up the heel and adding some sparkle.  You will stay cool and look chic at the same time. This flowy fabric begs to be touched.  The only thing softer than the material is your skin so expect to be caressed in this dress.

dee elle Off the Shoulder Dress

Dress a Mesh on the Floor:

What other time of year can you wear mesh as a dress besides summer? This style from W by Worth is actually two dresses in one.  Here is your Glam & Sassy clothing budget lesson for the day…take the price and divide it by two and you’ll realize that you can’t afford NOT to get it! This shift dress can be worn alone or with the mesh overlay. The mesh dress can also be worn separately as a bathing suit cover up.  I can picture it now and I hope you can too. It is as hot as summer itself…and very Glam & Sassy!



Click it and Get It Guide:

Adelyn Rae Romper

dee elle Off the Shoulder Dress

W by Worth Mesh Dress



Late to the Party

Hello Glam & Sassy ladies! Do any of you tend to run late, or at least feel like you rush just to make it on time?  I rarely arrive late but sometimes cut it very close.  When it comes to fashion trends, my business keeps me on top of all of the latest so I can share with my clients.  That is why my post today about a certain product that I JUST get turned on to, is surprisingly LATE.

I am still back east where I did some buying in NYC for my e-boutique and Glam & Sassy clients.  The weather here has been considerably colder than what I left in San Diego and my deliciously scented body lotion wasn’t quite rich enough to keep my skin soft. Then there it was.   A jar of coconut oil.  I have heard about the multitude of things this nature’s miracle was good for but never quite wrapped my brain around slathering something all over my body that you can also cook with???  I have an aversion to food products in the bathroom but I was desperate and ready to give this a try.  The consistency was solid (because it is FREEZING here!) so I warmed it up with a hair dryer until it was an oil and applied it on my arms, legs, everywhere.  There was no greasy feel or residue. It just absorbed into my skin and made it smooth and soft.  I rubbed it into my hands and, I am a big hand washer/germaphobe and noticed, unlike my perfumed lotion, I didn’t have to reapply. My skin didn’t feel dry afterwards.  It also worked great as a pre conditioning treatment and made my dark hair super silky and shiny! So I am now on board with the wonder that is coconut oil.  Have you tried it and what is your favorite use? I still don’t think I want to try  yogurt as hair conditioner or avocado as a face mask, but this coconut oil craze is legit!