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Summer Love

Hello Glam & Sassy loves! Summer is, without a doubt, my favorite season.  I live in southern California where we enjoy summer almost year round and I purposely landed on the coast when I moved here. Give me sun, give me water, give me seventy degrees every day and I am one happy camper…or “glamper” since these well manicured hands have never pitched a tent. The best thing about summer fashion is one piece dressing. It is easy and effortless the way it should be when something is right.  Here are three of my must have outfits for this season that I love.

A Quick Romp:

The romper is the rebel sister of the sundress. It is bold, fun, flirty and sexy…sounds like the perfect catch to me. And let’s talk summer color, shall we?  Nothing is better than a bright burst of hot pink!  It just seems to scream “let’s party!”As I am writing this, I realized I just described myself, so I think I better buy this one from Adelyn Rae at my happy place, Nordstrom! It is so me and it is so perfect for an afternoon summer soirée !

Adelyn Rae Lace Romper

Hands on Skin:

This wouldn’t be the sexiest season of the year if we didn’t bare our bodies. That’s the reason for hitting the gym on the reg so slip into a sundress that shows off those shoulders, girl.  Lucky for us, Off the Shoulder is trending now and it is trending hard.  I love this dee elle dress and would style it for both day and evening  by changing up the heel and adding some sparkle.  You will stay cool and look chic at the same time. This flowy fabric begs to be touched.  The only thing softer than the material is your skin so expect to be caressed in this dress.

dee elle Off the Shoulder Dress

Dress a Mesh on the Floor:

What other time of year can you wear mesh as a dress besides summer? This style from W by Worth is actually two dresses in one.  Here is your Glam & Sassy clothing budget lesson for the day…take the price and divide it by two and you’ll realize that you can’t afford NOT to get it! This shift dress can be worn alone or with the mesh overlay. The mesh dress can also be worn separately as a bathing suit cover up.  I can picture it now and I hope you can too. It is as hot as summer itself…and very Glam & Sassy!



Click it and Get It Guide:

Adelyn Rae Romper

dee elle Off the Shoulder Dress

W by Worth Mesh Dress



The Non-Negotiables

Hello Glam & Sassy loves!  As we gain experience in life, we discover things we need to be happy.  This is true of relationships, careers, and hobbies. It is also the case in our wardrobes. No self respecting woman would settle for anything less than a closet containing certain key pieces.  In defining the non-negotiables/ essentials/ must have’s…they are items that are high in quality, versatile, and long lasting. Commitment-phobes need not continue to read because it only makes sense to invest if the plan is to keep them around for while.  Now that you  have gotten rid of those things in your closet that have been taking up space since reading my last blog, Breaking Up, you are ready to replace with clothing that is actually worthy of you.

The Perfect Partner:

For those of you who remember the movie, Jerry McGuire, the line “You complete me” had ladies swooning.  Are you looking for YOUR perfect missing piece? I suggest something versatile enough to wear as a power suit with pants, a classic look with a skirt, or casual with jeans. A perfectly proportioned jacket with a flattering cut and beautiful fabric will check all these boxes.  If your budget allows you to invest in only one, then black is the obvious choice for a polished look.  Since you will want to wear it year round, choose a cotton/ viscose blend that won’t be too hot in the summer and the bonus is this fabric also travels well and who doesn’t love to travel!  I am obsessed with this Tonal Mini Jacquard jacket from W by Worth.  With it’s subtle sheen, it is sure to outshine the rest.


Trade Up:

I am going to skip the LBD as I feel it is safe to assume we all have at least two, and if we are being honest, the actual number is the that times three. So before you allow yourself to be tempted by yet another, go for something you will wear again and again, a little white dress.  A white dress for spring and summer is so fresh and bold. It will definitely stand out among the sea of black.  Accessories will change the look from day to evening , as will shoes. Stop the insanity of being attracted to something similar to what you just purged from your life, and go with the complete opposite. It will be a refreshing change and you will love the stretch in this cotton denim dress as show off your new look.


Head Turner:

Another must have, at least for me, is attraction.  This is a non-negotiable for sure! Call me shallow, but I crave anything that is appealing to the eye. What is the point of getting dressed, if your outfit doesn’t turn a few heads? Novelty prints and basic silhouettes are fine, but to up your wow factor, experimentation is key. Try one of this season’s trends, off the shoulder tops. So soft. So sexy. So easy to style with jeans, joggers, or shorts.  Slip into one before you slip out the door and just watch what happens when you look Glam & Sassy .


Click it and Get it Guide:

W by Worth Jacket

W by Worth Dress

W by Worth Top




Summer State of Mind

From the Empire to the Sunshine State, ladies are celebrating summer all over the place! Pool parties, bridal showers, beach vacations, and summer is not over yet! With all of these activities, we ladies need more than a few fabulous outfits in rotation.  Let’s be honest, even if you will not see the same people at said events, there will be pictures taken.  Where there are pictures, there are social media posts.   Sadly, gone are the days when you could re-wear that fun party dress and no one would be the wiser.   As if there wasn’t enough to worry about already, now you have to remember what you were photographed in on Thursday of last week before choosing your outfit for this weekend! Crazy, yes, but such is our reality.  After spending over budget on your new bathing suit, registry gifts, and travel arrangements, how do you justify maxing out another card to clothe yourself in a season that requires little clothing?  Don’t sweat it.  You’ll be doing enough of that dancing till 2am.  I have a few ideas that will enable you to make the most of what you already own and the best places to find some deals on the things you may still need for fun in the sun.

More Than Just a Pretty Face:  Smart fashionistas have bank accounts that are as desirable as their closets.  Sure, it is fun to have a few spurge items like those Louboutins you are still paying off, but there are some great sales this time of year, so there is no need to pay full price for everything you buy. Check out the many sale items online right now like this super cute dress from French Connection.  Style it with a floppy hat and sandals for a daytime soiree, and nude heels and crossbody bag at night.

French Connection 'Jag' Stripe Stretch Cotton Knit Dress

Stun in Stripes in this French Connection knit dress

Womens Sunbrim With Lurex And Gold Dome Stud Trim

Look like a California girl in this San Diego Hat Company Sunbrim

Private Parts:  I love walking into Saks Fifth Avenue (my previous employer) ,Bloomies and Nordstrom.  I love the sights, the sounds, the scents (Chanel Allure anyone?).  The price tags, well, not so much.  However, you can  walk into these specialty department stores and walk out with a bag of beautiful indulgences without spending more on your vacation outfit as you spent on the vacation itself.  A lot of stores carry their own private label collections that are usually just as stylish as the designers, but more affordable.  I just picked up this cute top by Halogen at Nordstrom for $34 and it comes in 10 colors.  With so many to choose from, there is never a reason for you to get tagged on your friend’s FB post in the same top!

Halogen® Linen Tank (Regular & Petite)

Some are fun in Halogen Tank

Go Both Ways: We all have this capability!  There are great pieces which can be very versatile that you probably already own. Think those knit sweaters have to be put away until October?  Pair them with shorts or a mini for a chic nighttime look at the beach.  Do you use scarves only around your neck?  Take a pretty floral printed one and tie it around your tote.  It will change up the look of your bag, and you will also enjoy having it handy when you need to take cover from a daytime sun shower.  Looking to take your LBD from day to night? Show your sparkle by wearing fun earrings.  There is a lot of summer left. Style and shop wisely and you will always be able to afford looking Glam & Sassy.

Shop it Here!

French Connection Stripe Stretch Dress

San Diego Hat Company Sunbrim

Chanel Allure

Halogen Linen Tank

Glam & Sassy Crystal Earrings

Dawn till Dusk

It’s almost the end of summer but there is still time to enjoy it!  We jam pack our schedule with work, working out, errands, and a myriad of social activities, which can cause a girl a lot of outfit anxiety. The secret to fitting it all in fashionably, is to utilize the key pieces of this sizzling season.  Own these items and in some cases, more than one (because we all know having multiples is very exciting) and take the stress of out getting dressed!

White T: No, this isn’t a new hip hop artist.  It is, however, the always versatile, always summery,  white t-shirt and/or tank top .  These are the perfect layering pieces under a cute jacket or on their own with your fave jeans or shorts. Whether you go for the V-neck, crew, or scoop, is entirely up to you but I suggest having one of each.  White is best when it is bright and I like to purchase fresh ones every time summer finally rolls around.  This Modern V-Neck style from Gap is a great basic and is priced at just $16.95 so buying them every year isn’t as extravagant as it sounds.

Modern V-neck tee

Tee Time! Modern V-neck Tee from Gap.

Dress for Success: Look in your closet. Do you have a dress that you can easily slip on after the gym that is classic enough for the office but cute enough to wear out for happy hour or dinner?  If the answer is yes, then “yay!” and you can skip to the next item on this list.  If it is no or “I am not sure”, then check out this fabulous jersey knit wrap dress from Nordstrom.com . The print is very on trend and the fabric is exactly what you will need to take it from work to play, dawn till dusk.  Style with a nude shoe to elongate your luscious legs and be sure to choose a comfortable fit that will last as long as you do.

Diane von Furstenberg 'New Julian 2' Silk Jersey Wrap Dress

That’s a Wrap! DVF dress from Nordstrom.

Short Stuff: When things start to heat up, the less clothing the better.  I am talking about temperatures here ladies…as in the ones on your iPhone 6 weather app. Ok, now that we are on the same page, having a crisp pair of tailored shorts is a nice alterative to wearing trousers to work when the sun is scorching hot.  I love the fabric and the length of the Vintage Twill Bermuda Short by Vince. Shorts are not only great for day, but can be easily dressed up for night as well.  Style with a casual button down and flats for daytime. At night, switch it up with a silky tunic and a long, lightweight necklace. Hey , when you look this Glam & Sassy, the more plans the better so fill up your calendar with confidence and have fun before summer is over!

The long and the short of it. Vince twill shorts.

Glam & Sassy in Gold! Long and layered necklace!

Shopping Guide:

Gap T-shirt

DVF Dress

Vince Shorts

Glam & Sassy necklace