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Life’s Little Luxuries

Hello Glam & Sassy loves. I have a bold statement to make. I have a great life. I was a Jersey girl but now live in beautiful southern California.  My business revolves around fashion and fun. I am surrounded by fabulous people and I get to travel often. Yes, life is good and I am blessed to be able to indulge in luxuries such as boutique hotels, fantastic restaurants and designer everything. I work hard and believe in rewarding myself.  However, there is one item for fall that I have not yet attained . Sad face.

Over the weekend, I was last minute dress shopping for an event the next day, which, as a personal shopper and stylist, I do NOT recommend!  As I was perusing through all of the gorgeous fall fashions, my fingers caressed the softest, most supple leather pants and for a moment, I actually gasped in excitement.  I began envisioning the places I would show them off, how great my butt would look, and what sexy shoes I would wear. Then I gasped again as I noticed the price.  Does that really say one thousand dollars (ok $995 but it would be over $1000 after CA sales tax…something I miss about Jersey, no sales tax on clothing, oh and no self-serve gas stations, do you know how awesome that is when it is cold and raining which is A LOT back there??? )  Now, I know that may seem silly coming from someone who has no problem dropping twice that on a handbag, but pants?  And leather? In San Diego? I need some VERY creative accounting to justify that spend on something I would wear a few times before I felt like “I was already seen in these” and put them back in the closet.  Leather pants are not the same as your favorite premium denim which can be worn over and over again and no one knows as long as it’s styled with different tops and shoes. The very definition of “leather pants” is “statement piece”. I know what you are thinking.  Just get a less expensive pair. Not an option. If you saw a really hot guy out one night and you were already teased by the attraction, you wouldn’t settle for his less than hot friend, would you?  I think not.  Ok so here they are.  Check them out and let me know if they are a little luxury that no Glam & Sassy girl should be without! xo


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Gina’s Lust Have Leather Pants just kidding they are from Theory  


Work It Out

Gone are the days when we were of school age and summer was three months of being completely carefree. No schedules, no studying, and outfit decisions were based purely on the weather. I had my favorite pair of cut off jean shorts, a pink tank with a big rainbow on it, and (very) worn out kicks, and swear I wore it every week! In the present life of being a responsible adult, the warmer days and shorter nights do not mean we are on a perpetual vacation.  Most of us still get up and get dressed for work Monday thru Friday which can be challenging during the dog days of summer’s heat and humidity.  How do you keep cool while still looking stylish and professional, since, the last time I checked, our fave cut offs and pink tanks are frowned upon in the office. Try a few of these outfit ideas and maybe you’ll even get a raise by Labor Day.

Sharpen your Pencil: Much more sophisticated than its flouncy counterpart, the pencil skirt is the perfect choice for the office. With its slim cut and just below- the- knee length, you will stay cool AND be able to show off a little of that tan you worked so hard on over the weekend! Invest in a well constructed one like this style from Theory. Wear it with a crisp blouse tucked in, practical heels and a delicate necklace. This look is the new power suit! You’ll be so excited to wear it that you’ll be asking on Saturday…is it Monday yet???

Theory 'Lijnek' Ponte Knit Pencil Skirt

Theory pencil skirt at Nordstom.com

Dress for Success: I just love dresses for summer! They are light! They are feminine! They are an instant outfit! Just slip it on, apply some Chanel mascara and lipgloss and head out the door! If you have read my blogs before (thank you for that BTW and if not, please go back and do so as you are really missing out!) you know that I am a big fan of the wrap dress.  It is seriously so flattering on everyone! Wrap dresses accentuate our waists and the jersey fabric is so comfy you will feel like you are not wearing anything at all! Check out this darling style I found at Bloomies from Diane von Furstenberg! After all, if you are going to wear a wrap,  you may as well wear the original!

DIANE von FURSTENBERG Wrap Dress - New Julian Two _2

It’s a Wrap! Dress from DVF at Bloomingdales.


Get a Leg Up: Pitching an important client? Interviewing for a new position? We all know that if you feel good about yourself, your performance will show it.  When you have to really bring it, put some time and effort into your outfit planning and select what is appropriate in your industry or in the position you WANT to have.  Feel fabulous in fuchsia? Then choose this pretty pink underpinning  from Trina Turk with your suit jacket.  Better in blue? Adorn yourself with these hues of the sea  accessories.  Whatever that look may be for you, wear with it confidence and go for the compliment! Those two things together are what make us Glam & Sassy!

Robie Top

Flatter yourself. Pink top from Trina Turk.



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Theory Pencil Skirt

Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Mascara

Chanel Rouge Allure Colour and Shine Lipgloss

DVF Wrap Dress New Julian Two

Trina Turk Robie Top

Glam & Sassy necklace

Finding The One

Male or female. Young or old. Outgoing or shy.  We are all looking for the one. It tends to be an arduous task, with many trial and errors and lessons learned, but it is all worth it in the end.  Once you find it, you can stop looking but never stop working to perfect it. Sometimes, we think we found it, only to realize that it just isn’t quite the right fit. That is ok and really just part of the process.  Just get back out there and try again.  Here are a few easy tips to help you find YOUR perfect look.

Try on for Size: Different retailers and designers use different size scales. What is a medium in a contemporary brand like Theory, can be a small in a more generously cut line like Ann Taylor.  The first rule of thumb to looking fab is to wear proper fitting clothing. Length is an easy fix with a basic hem. Pay close attention to how a top fits in the shoulders and across the back. If it is not smooth or it gaps, adjust the size accordingly. If you are unsure of your size, take the one you think you are and the next size up with you into the fitting room, or if shopping online, order both and send one back because ladies, size does matter.


Classic and clean look from Theory.

 Never Compromise: Along this journey, you will inevitably discover what is important to you.  What you can live with and what you most definitely cannot live without.  Stay true to that. It is ever so tempting when you find that pair of shoes you have been lusting after on the Nordstrom sale rack to justify buying them a half size too small. You will surely regret it on Friday night when you are out in your little lovers and they are not loving you back. Put the shoes back on the size 6 clearance shelf and run, don’t walk, to your size 7 aisle.  Side note: It is totally ok to be bitter at the girl’s with tiny feet because they ALWAYS get the best selection of sale shoes.

MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Posey' Espadrille Wedge Sandal (Women)

Cute Michael Kors Wedges now on sale at Nordstrom!

Leave your Mark: Wherever you go and whoever you are with, you want to be unforgettable in your style. The key is to find something in fashion that personifies a quality about you and what makes you fabulous. For instance, if you portray that in your favorite color, try to always sneak it in somewhere in your outfit.  If it is a certain accessory, like an armful of stacked bracelets, or a delicate nameplate necklace, adorn yourself in it every time you step out.  If you are handbag obsessed, find ones that are unique to you and therefore memorable to everyone else.  Whichever you choose, wear it and own it and be excited that you have successfully found how to be Glam & Sassy!

Argento Vivo Birthstone & Personalized Nameplate Pendant Necklace (Nordstrom Online Exclusive)

Brand yourself!

Yummy arm candy!

sycamore run maise by kate spade new york

Be a bag lady in Kate Spade

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Theory Tenia Luxe Top

Michael Kors Posey Wedge

Argento Vivo Nameplate necklace

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Kate Spade Sycamore Run Maise