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The Girlfriend Experience

Hello Glam & Sassy loves.  Did you know it is only 55 more days till Spring?  That is the good news. The bad news is we have to first survive the most painful day of the year between now and then. It comes in February and no it is not Groundhog Day as I would surely endure six more weeks of winter a lot easier than I can this bullshit holiday called Valentine’s Day. If there were any way to eliminate it from our lives, I would be all for it. Now you may think I have such a strong dislike for the day which is February 14th because I am single. Or am I?  Single or not, I refuse to put pressure on myself or my partner to make a fuss over each other just because the stores are pushing retail sales in the form of a red heart. I deserve to have a fuss made over me everyday and I absolutely do the same in return.  Besides, haven’t we all noticed by now that the service and food on this night are hurried and mediocre at best, and all that candy makes me have to work out even harder to be beach ready. So what would I rather be doing on this day besides putting on a red dress and getting overpriced flowers?  I am not sure yet, but I can tell you it won’t be sitting across from someone looking at his phone while I am looking at mine and wishing we were somewhere else. I want attention but I want it organically. The kind that pours out of one person and into the other because you can’t seem to give it or receive it enough. Did I get your attention yet? Good. Welcome to my world of being Glam & Sassy.

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Arm Candy
Arm Candy

Three's More Fun
Three’s More Fun
After all of the Valentine’s Day candy is gone (now a workout is much needed) and the flowers have lost their petals, the one thing that is still bringing a smile to my face is my new sparkle! Yes, he DID get me the kind we refer to as a “girl’s best friend”, but to the shiny stacked bracelets on my wrists will I always be true.

I love the look of a bunch of bangles or bracelets wide and narrow layered from my wrist to my elbow. Ok, maybe not that many, but certainly a threesome is so much more fun than only one or two. Ladies, you can OWN this look and have fun experimenting with what brings you the most pleasure. My preferences are crystals, crystals and more crystals. I want to shimmer and sparkle everyday, otherwise, what is the point? This trend works with everything…from denim to a dress! Not sure where to begin? Choose ones that allow you to express yourself and that you are attracted to. The best part is, you can enjoy them all and all at once! Go ahead and indulge yourself…and you won’t even have to log hours in the gym afterwards. Just bask in your shiny glow!